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Transition and Housing

Dateline NBC looks at young autistic adults aging out
Creative housing and good programming needed for growing population
Monarch Center for Autism for Teens and Young Adults
Spirit, Interdependence and Connections at the Fred Conference
Autism Unites: The Art of Connections
What Makes a Good Transition Program
Autistry Studios: Projects Make Good Therapy
Exceptional Minds
Hidden Wings
Seeds for Autism

Awareness and Advocacy

Baby Talk – Why do we talk to Autistic peple like they are infants?

Neurodiversity, a person, a perspective a movement
Autistic people don’t belong in jails and prisons. Take action.
Logic and Consistency with Schizophrenia: A Jump in Intelligence
Autism Speaks: Lighting it up blue and walking walking away with the green
A physician speaks: What physicians can learn from the #neurodiversity movement
The puzzle symbol – should it stay or should it go
The power of expectations
African American Overstimulated and #Autistic
The School Bell was my Enemy
My adventures with the Autism Speaks Resource Directory
Jennifer O’Toole – The Sisterhood of the Spectrum
My song – the story of a boy, a grandma, and love
My Two Kids Wonderful and #Autistic
Autistic Teens Deserve Respect – Oliver Piltch
Autism Unveiled – a Forty Day Advocacy Project
The School Bell was my Enemy – Kevin Hosseini
African-American Overstimulated and #Autistic
Please don’t call me a warrior mom – Mari-anne Kehler
My song – the story of a boy, a grandma, and a song – Cyndi Frisch
Faith in the baby – Kristen Ohlson
Ben and the Blue Heron – The story of jail, redemption and a heron – Nancy Lea Speer
My Broken Heart – the story of the bare-handed man – Rob Gorski
11-year old Kelly shares what’s positive about autism
Is autism contagious? questions students ask – how to share your child’s diagnosis
The power of visioning
What Brandon and Amelia Starr teach us
Finding Your Child’s Career through their passions
Lori Shayew: We must shift our view of autism
Eye Contact: Is it important?
Gender Identity Issues and Girls on the Spectrum
A sibling shares her love for her brother with autism
The Autism Puzzle Piece – Will it stay or go
Face Value Comics addresses bullying and autism
Person-First Language – Autistic is okay
Favorite Autism Quotes – Add yours!
Autistic People Make Good Friends
Keri Bowers – I was a Bully for a Day
Holiday Shopping – Six Ventures with a Heart
Top 15 Blogs on The Art of Autism
This is Autism Flash Blog
Harambee Arts Erecting Monument for Autism in Nairobi, Kenya

For Artists

Temple Grandin’s Tips for Artists
Twelve Tips for Artists

Book Reviews

Ron Suskind – Life, Animated – find your child’s pasions
Empowering books and videos
Neurodiversity in the Classroom by Dr. Thomas Armstrong

The Special Artist’s Handbook by Susan Rodriguez
Painted Words: Aspects of Autism Translated by Judy Endow
Raising Cubby by John Elder Robison
Living in a Geometric Universe: On Being an Autistic Synaesthete by Patrick Jasper Lee

Other Reviews

Two Autism Films on Netflix and Hulu – Loving Lampposts and The Story of Luke
Autism Films on Netflix – Dad’s in Heaven with Nixon and Wretches and Jabberers
Documentary about Autism and Romantic Love is Simply About Love
Five Newspapers on


The Gifts of the Children


Autism Unveiled – a snapshot in 2015 of what it’s like to be #Autistic
Autism Unveiled – a Forty Day Advocacy Project
Jodi Murphy – Geek Club Books
Cloud-Burst TV and the Me?We! Project
Gee Vero and the Art of Inclusion Project
Genius of Autism and The Art of Collaboration
22 Weeks of Miracles
Harambee Arts


New research looks at first-person experiences of children on the spectrum
Autistic doctoral student looking for autistic people to complete her research

Special Education

A Harvard graduate speaks: For inclusion to work education systems need to change
Life – The new educational curriculum
Effective inclusion requires cooperation, communication, flexibility and creativity
Legos can help educate visual learners
A high school op. ed – Autistic teens deserve respect

A middle school essay on inclusion
Neurodiversity in the Classroom
Using Art to Engage Young Children in the Classroom
Special Education Teacher Files Restraining Order
Special Education is About People Not Funding
The Art of Autism Supports in Lawsuit


James McCue Autism Whisperer
Steven Coventry – Mandalas and Sacred Geometry
Patrick Jasper Lee – Living in a Geometric Universe
Jeremy Sicile Kira paints auras
Lori Shayew: We must shift our view of autism


Three Therapies that Help with Brain Connectivity for Children with Autism
Autistry Studios – Art Makes good Therapy
Autism Movement Therapy provides community
The Value of Art as Therapy for Autistic People
Communicating through Art: Family Stories
The Importance of Music and Creativity in the Autism Community
Dr. Stephen Shore – The Importance of Art and Music for Autistic People
Storytelling, Neuroscience and Healing Trauma

Stories about People/Artists

Frank Allen at Times Square
Trent Altman – Genius of Autism Awards
Joel Anderson wants to end segregation for people with disabilities
Linda and Brent Anderson – How to raise a child with a sense of humor
Neri Avraham – from Israel
Kirtenraw Bandiloo, Harley Davidsons, art and autism
Nea Bisek – Turns Shreds into Art – Inspired by her Autistic Son
Nekea Blagoev – The Magical World of Glass
Dani Bowman – Comic Con and Mr. Raindrop
Keri Bowers – I was a Bully for a Day
Keri Bowers – The Art of Dr. Stephen Mark Shore and Momma Drama
Eddie Callis – Coming of Age
Justin Canha and others honored McCarton Foundation
R.I.P. Rodger Casier
Seth Chwast – Famous means Make People Happy
Finn Christie – the Problem with Perfect Babies
Erin Clemens – Spreading Awareness through Bracelets
Stephen Coventry – Mandalas
Judy Endow – Painted Words
Erik Estabrook – Autistic People Sensitive or Perceptive Revolutionaries?
Erik Estabrook – Believe in the Journey
Nina Fiore – A Harvard graduate speaks about education
James Frye – An artist who hears colors
Artist Grace Goad finds joy and expression in her art
Iris Grace – Nonverbal three-year old amazes people with her art
Temple Grandin – Lunch with Temple. Her recommendations for artists.
Kelly Green – Wrappings
Dylan Guest and Kevin Hosseini at the Smithsonian
Elaine Hall – It takes a Child
April Dawn Griffin – Girls on the Spectrum and Gender Identity Issues
Kevin Hosseini – Kevin’s story
Neal Katz – Time to Listen
Luna TMG Sees Reflections Everywhere – Photographer from France
Jeremy Sicile-Kira Paints People’s Auras
Amrit Khurani – Artist from India
Amanda LaMunyon and others honored by the McCarton Foundation
Patrick Jasper Lee – On Being an Autistic Synthaesthete
Michael Leventhal – Cloud Burst TV
Grant Manier – In the Houston Chronicle
Claudia Mazzucco: What I learned from Tom Cruise
Claudia Mazzucco: Living with the effects of autism
James McCue Autism Whisperer
Jodi Murphy – Geek Club Books
Kristen Ohlson – Faith in the Baby
Matt Perko and Super-boy Eddie
Rosemary Stephens Self Discovery through Art
Pipoye – young artist
Cheri Rauser: a mom speaks. we need to stop thinking of autistics as anything less than human
John Elder Robison – Resigns from Autism Speaks
Craig Roveta – Out of the Dark Into the Light
Nancy Lea Speer – An Open Letter to Li Chin and Peter Rodger
Nancy Lea Speer – Ben and the Blue Heron
Dr. Stephen Shore – The Value of Music
Rudy Simone – Aspergirl with Haunting Melodies
Amalia Starr and Brandon
Ryan Smoluk – United Nations Stamp
J.A. Tan – United Nations Stamp
Jane Strauss talks about passing
Dr. Darold Treffert Myths About Autism
Kimberly Gerry-Tucker’s Journey – Poetry, Art, Aspergers
German Artist Gee Vero and The Art of Inclusion
Ikea Syance Wilson’s First Art Opening
Colin Zimbleman – At Society’s Growing Edge


Neurodiversity panel at USC May 17, 2015
Chalking it up for Autism Acceptance
Genius of Autism and The Art of Collaboration
Chalk the Walk Unites Countries
The Art of Autism at Mr. Musichead
Connecting through the Arts at Belle Arts – Ventura
The Art of Autism at Curious Cup
The Art of Autism at the Good Purpose Gallery


Debra Hosseini – Alphabet Soup
Kurt Muzikar – Dad’s New Lawnmower
Linda and Brent Anderson – Humor in the Literal Mind

Kevin Hosseini

The School Bell was my enemy
Kevin’s story
No Gifts. Prayers for Kevin on his 19th Birthday
Autistic man Shunned in Local Community
Special Educator Files Restraining Order
How to Explain a Restraining Order to Your Autistic Child
Kevin leads us to Ensenada for the Holidays
It Takes A Child with Autism to Raise the Consciousness of a Village

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