Believe in the Journey by Erik Estabrook

Jonas Lundstrom "resurfacing"

By Erik Estabrook

I can sum up life in one basic phrase “Believe In The Journey.”

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Believe that things will balance out and that the end of a sentence, milestone, love, power, regime, statement, poem, study, career, is just the beginning of a new chapter.

Do you actually believe that in this world of tech, cultural influence, and neverending knowledge that I could ever run out of influences and poetry?

The well of situational understanding is so deep, and for a poet that well is constantly exciting. That well that we draw from is life itself.

It is full of whatever we want it have in it.

Life amounts to moments in totality and if you take love as payment you could be genuinely rich, but fakeness and irresolution plague “ a faultless life. The mere concept of a “faultless life” is an absolute illusion. Instead seek a life that’s rewarding, little moments of joy, instead of a “neverending stream of happiness.”

Jonas Lundstrom "The Power of Love"
Jonas Lundstrom “The Power of Love”

Seek an overall understanding but do not be dismissive. There’s value in everything, every concept, being, belief, and moment.

It is not as simple as choosing “one, unique path” but choosing and cherishing every choice and learning what step is best.

The path isn’t always paved, sometimes that very path never forks.

A direction and steps you must choose though. The only other way is defeat.

I imagine that happiness is an emotional response that is a conscious choice, in other words someone that’s dying can choose joy, even amidst such pain. People are natural objects that choose relationships to other objects. You choose anger, hatred, joy, what a person is to you, and how that person effects you or is treated.

People become obstacles to each other because of a reactionary emotional response, insecurities, behaviors, wants or gains that collide.

Jonas Lundstrom "Soul arena"
Jonas Lundstrom “Soul arena”

You will never make everyone happy but you can make this world a beautiful one. Overall all that one has to be done is to be guided mindfully and uniquely towards unity and kindness.

The more obstacles, the more opportunities, the more failures, the more corrections, the more losses, the more new corrections.

Life only haunts us if we let it. It only refuses to change if we refuse to change. We drive our lives and visions, our life, and love stops and ends with us.

Take life in and never cloud your perspective, the realness you seek already exists. If it seems make-believe then its because you are already refusing it. Open yourself up to happiness and it will take form.

Erik Estabrook is a poet and writer. He hosts a Poetry Hangout with Kathleen Tehrani the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM EST on Autism Brainstorm. His website is

Art work by Jonas Lundstrom.

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      Thanks for the comment and shares Leisa. My work here was just to present a positive point of view mixed in with some positive feelings about life. I write all types of works and they vary much from each other but this would be my inspirational try(and they are rare for me).

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