Board Members

Keri Bowers, President

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Founder of Normal Films, and co-founder of The Art of Autism, Keri’s work as an advocate, key note presenter, workshop leader, and social skills facilitator has touched the lives of thousands of people over the past two decades. The core of Keri’s work began when her son, Taylor, was diagnosed with autism. Taylor, now 23, and Keri have made 4 films together and have traveled all over the world to present their talks and workshops. Past clients include The Army, Marines, Autism Society of America, The ARC, United Cerebral Palsy, Centers for Disease Control, numerous universities and colleges, and more. Keri’s highly charged and inspirational talks get participants up on their feet with highly interactive and innovative approaches to utilizing the arts as key “power tools” for interventions. Keri is founder of the nonprofit Pause4Kids in Thousand Oaks, California.

Keri manages Poems and Art for Peace each year on the Art of Autism. See blog posts on the Art of Autism by Keri Bowers here.

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker, Vice President

Kimberly Tucker

Kimberly, a freelance writer since 1999, has published in dozens of literary journals, anthologies and books. She ghostwrote the book Reborn Through Fire, for Glendale California burn survivor Tony Yarijanian. Kim is author of the memoir Under The Banana Moon. Her artwork has appeared in many books and on the cover of three: The Art Of Autism Shattering Myths, Sutton and Forrester’s Selective Mutism In Our Own Words. Kim mostly works from home; at art, writing, and software usability. Kim has led a collage workshop in Lee, Mass. and has done several unique video-taped presentations at Lesley College, Boston, and Hynes Center, Cambridge; where she answered audience questions through keyboard typing. Having dual Aspergers and Selective Mutism diagnoses, it is sometimes hard for Kim to speak aloud in certain environments. Her passions include dignity and acceptance for all autistics, being with her grandkids, raising insects, spirituality, peace, and care of the environment. Her artwork reflects these passions. She has three grown children (one of whom is autistic). Send message(

Kimberly seeks submissions for the People of Diversity, Speaking project on the Art of Autism. See blog posts on the Art of Autism by Kimberly Gerry-Tucker here.

Debra Muzikar, Secretary

Debra Hosseini

Debra Muzikar is co-founder of the Art of Autism nonprofit.  Debra is author of two books – The Art of Autism: Shattering Myths and The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions. For many years, Debra wrote a regular column “The Mind’s Eye” for the Autism File magazine which focused on the creativity of those on the autism spectrum. Debra has been a member of many boards which focus on disabilities and autism in the past including the Coalition for Housing Accessibility, Needs, and Equality (CHANCE  Inc.), The Rhythmic Arts Project, ASA Santa Barbara, and Angels Bearing Gifts.  She was a founding member of the California Autism Coalition. For the last few years Debra has been working as support group liaison and publicist for the nonprofit Jeremiah’s Ranch in Fallbrook, CA and curating art exhibits for the Art of Autism. Debra was a former IT professional and has a degree in accounting. Debra is the parent of 3 children. Her youngest Kevin is an artist on the autism spectrum.

See blog posts on the Art of Autism by Debra Muzikar here.

Tom Iland, Treasurer

Tom Iland

Tom Iland’s achievements include graduating from Cal State University Northridge, becoming a Certified Public Accountant, and working in corporate America. Tom is now pursuing a professional career as a speaker and trainer sharing insights and practical advice with the Autism community. Tom has written a book (soon to be published) with his mother Emily Iland titled Come to Life. He is a frequent blogger on the Art of Autism website sharing insights on autism.

See blog posts on the Art of Autism by Tom Iland here.



Carly Fulgham

Carly Fulgham

Carly Fulgham is a proud autistic writer, artist and self-advocate who graduated from the University of Iowa in three years with honors. She is Autism Society Ventura County’s first board president with an autism diagnosis and is a founding member of the Autism Society of America’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee. She also serves the Autism Society of America’s Panel of People on the Spectrum of Autism Advisors. Carly addresses mortgage correspondence strategy for national bank and is passionate about the inclusive workplace. She didn’t get her diagnosis until after a breakdown in her mid-20s and credits that moment with changing her life for the better.

See blog posts on the Art of Autism by Carly Fulgham here.



Dr Lamis JabriDr. Lamis Jabri

 I’m a physician, psychiatrist and mom of a beautiful 6-year-old boy who has Autism, Perfect Pitch, Photographic memory, and fantastic mathematical abilities. I had Adam in 2012, during the third year of my psychiatry residency training, “who has Autism, Perfect Pitch, Photographic memory, and fantastic mathematical abilities. I had Adam in 2012, during the third year of my psychiatry residency training, and he’s been my mentor and source of inspiration since the day he was born.

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. I am an artist at heart and a physician by trade. I earned my Medical Doctorate (MD, 2004-2008) from the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine in 2008. I then moved to the US to pursue specialization in Nutrition (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 2008-2010) and then Psychiatry (Wayne State University/Henry Ford Hospital General Psychiatry Residency Program 2010-2014). I earned the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certification in 2015. I then practiced psychiatry as a faculty attending, seeing psychiatric patients in a variety of settings and teaching medical students and medical residents at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. Throughout that period, my I started the autism journey with my son. As I learned more about autism, I started a private practice empowering underserved patients with Neurodevelopmental differences and their families in Troy MI. Despite my best efforts, I could not find a school that would offer adequate support AND enough academic enrichment for my son. I toured the country looking for the right fit and found several options in Southern California. I moved to Seal Beach in December 2017. I currently work as a psychiatrist at Tarzana Treatment Center in Long Beach.  I’m growing a practice serving children and adults with neurodevelopmental differences through strength-based and talent-nurturing interventions. I fell in love with Mainly Mozart and the Art of Autism when I attended the Mainly Mozart Genius Weekend and Derek Paravicini’s concert in June 2018. I now serve on the board of the Art of Autism as well as the Autism professional committee of Mainly Mozart. I am passionate about empowering people to nurture their inner genius, whatever it may be, no matter how remote or unusual it might initially seem. My main influencer is Dr Darold Treffert.”

Greg Jones

Greg Jones is the grateful husband of his wife of 32 years, Karen, and the proud father of two sons, Matthew and Austin. Austin, identified in pre-K as on the spectrum, and later classified as Asperger’s, is a 27-year old graduate of Art Center for Design, Pasadena, and a professional art teacher, painter, and graphic designer.  Greg is a professional writer with publications in fiction writing, play writing, sports writing, and technical writing (computer software documentation and website design and build for Microsoft and Intuit). His short stories have appeared in magazines and his story, “The Man on the Moon,” is included in the literary anthology, The Conscious Reader (Prentice-Hall/Simon & Schuster). Greg Jones earned a BA in English & Communications from UC San Diego and an MFA in Fiction Writing from UC Irvine.