The Gifts of the Children: From Co-Creating Your Future… In a New Renaissance

By Debra Hosseini, published in The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating Your Future…in a New Renaissance, Hunt Henion, with Barbara Marx Hubbard, 2012

On a planet called Earth in the twenty-five years before 2012, a new breed of humans started to arrive.

This was a time when humans were overpopulating the planet and many other species had become extinct. The lungs of Earth, the rainforests, were being cut down at an alarming rate. The ice in the cold waters of the North was melting. Weather conditions were harsh in many areas of the planet – floods, hurricanes and earthquakes disrupted many on the planet and left them without homes. Humans had lost the ability to read the clouds and listen to the plants and no longer knew how to communicate with the horses or dolphins.

Neri Avraham "Dolphins"
Neri Avraham “Dolphins”

The species they called humans had forgotten from where they came.

The new breed had an appearance resembling their parents except for their abnormally large heads.

Christian Early
Christian Early

As babies they cried more than other children as they were acutely sensitive to sound, smell, taste, and touch. When their moms tried to hug them, they would cry out in pain. Their digestion was sensitive. They didn’t tolerate many foods considered ordinary fare at the time. When other children drank the milk of cows, these children would cry out in discomfort and pain. The bright fluorescent lights common in shopping malls, offices, and homes bothered their sensitive eyes. Every day ordinary sounds of living – lawnmowers, dishwashers, laundry machines – sent them into a tizzy. Rough clothes scraped against their sensitive skin leaving red, festering rashes.

They screamed in protest.

Steve Selpal "Max and the Whale"
Steve Selpal “Max and the Whale”

Their unique sensitivity went beyond sensory issues; they were emotional as well. If others were happy, these children were happy; when their siblings or parents fought, they cried.

“What’s wrong with your child?” other parents asked while hiding their own children in fear from these children who were so different.

In many parts of the world one heard the sounds of anguished parents weeping at night for they knew not how to parent these children and they knew not what to say to their neighbors.

“I want my child to be like all the others. I want him to pick up a bat and hit a ball,” the father said.

“I want my child to get married and have children,” the mother said.

And as these parents cried out in vain, their children cried even more because they felt their parent’s anguish and sadness. When the emotions of the parent became too unbearable, the child retreated into another world. Some of these children saw magical wisps of clouds and dust and fairies in the air. They talked to the fairies in a language only they and the fairies understood.

Carol Ann Edscorn "Fairy"
Carol Ann Edscorn “Pine Cone Fairy”

They grasped at the wisps and flapped their arms laughing at what their parents couldn’t see or hear. Some of the moms tried to understand but others would say “Stop that laughing,” looking bewildered at the place the child was gazing.

Some of the children learned the words of the parents, but even though they knew the words they tried to communicate in ways that were common in other dimensions, but the humans didn’t understand this form of communication. Frustrated at not being understood, the children screamed and banged their heads on walls.

“Why does my child do such things?” the moms asked feeling helpless and alone.

These children lacked a trait common on the planet at this time – the ability to lie. They would ask questions such as “Why are you fat?” or “Why do you smell?” This didn’t make them popular in a society based on pretension.

“We must teach these children how to lie so they become like us,” the experts said. “They’ll never have friends if they always speak the truth.”

Many of these children didn’t see themselves as distinct from others and when they looked into another’s eyes, they felt as if they lost their identity.

“You must look another in the eye or you will not be trusted,” the Dad said. So the parents hired therapists who tried to teach the child to look others in the eye. The children protested and cried. Some parents stopped this type of therapy, yet others persisted.

“We must make these children like us.”

At this time in history, many humans sat all day in front of electronic boxes. Some of the boxes required a response; other boxes they watched for hours on end as these humans allowed images program their brains. Humans rode in machines and yelled at other machines when they were late. They looked at the electronic device they chose to strap on their wrist. They had ear devices as well.

The more frantic the world became, the more the children cried and screamed.

As the confusion on the planet increased, many more of this breed of children were born. Alarmed at what scientists saw as an “unhealthy trend,” many on the planet exclaimed, “What is happening to our children? Is it genetics? Is it the shots we put in their blood? Is it the food? Is it the toxins in our environment?”

One day, one of the moms put a crayon in her child’s hand and gave him a piece of paper to draw on. The child created a beautiful picture of the sun. The painting radiated with light and made the mom feel good.

“Maybe my child sees something I don’t,” the mom thought.

Another mom noticed that one of her horses, which usually bucked and brayed, became calm around her child.
“Maybe my child and this horse have a special way to communicate,” she thought. The horse bent himself down so she picked up her child and put him on the horse. The child became calm and smiled.

Kevin Hosseini "White Horse"
Kevin Hosseini “White Horse”

And one child approached a piano and played a beautiful melody.

“Why my child has the gift of sound!” this mom exclaimed. She noticed the child was happy when listening to music and from then on she would play music all day long.

The men and women of science heard of these stories and their curiosity was peaked.

“They can see patterns that others of our species can’t,” one said. “They communicate in different ways than we do,” another said.

One of these children, who they called “autistic,” told his mom that he saw numbers in three dimensional shapes and colors. His facility with numbers became well known.

“He’s a mathematical genius!” the scientists exclaimed.

Then one child who had never before spoke, typed on a machine that allowed her to communicate.

“I’m not retarded,” she wrote. “We children have come from another dimension to teach you. When you turn on the switch in your heart and see us for who we are, we will show our gifts to you.”

Whale Eye
Whale Eye

The message was played on the box that the humans watched and more and more people heard the message and the planet Earth started to vibrate in a different way. And the children began to show their beautiful gifts to the world and more and more people wanted to be with these children. The children taught the planet about diversity, love and acceptance. People began to accept one another again and appreciate the other species on the planet. The wars stopped.

The planet healed.

And a new world came to be.

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  1. says: Talia Marie

    Beautiful story. I will be sharing this with my son’s school in hopes that they may see their own behavior in this story. Never stop advocating for your child. xoxo

  2. says: Moyra

    Loved the parable and am sharing it with others. Along with the works of art too beautiful for speech. Best regards Moyra

  3. says: Cindy Feltes

    Debbie, this is insightful and inspiring. I work at Hueneme High School and was referred by Your friend, Julie Cole. My dear friend, Emily Colson, wrote a book called, “Dancing with Max” and made me cry as I learned from a moms perspective what life was like because Max has Autism. The more awareness the better and I wonder if you would like me to send you her link for more networking ability. She’s in Boston and is such an amazing advocate for our special needs kids and adults. I love what you’re doing and will be looking at your website more closely for more insight myself and to share with our staff and friends…..GOD BLESS YOU! Sincerely, Cindy Feltes

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