Wrappings – Kelly Green

“Realize your wrappings are only used to mask the authentic person you have inside. Be the real you in 2013 and beyond” ! Kelly Green, Founder of the Autism Highway – guest blogger

Yesterday as I was cooking my Holiday contribution for the family…I was thinking.

Haha~ I do that alot…’Think’ that is. In the house with a non-verbal child you tend to do alot of thought provoking soul-searching. Also, why I talk so MUCH and so quickly when I do get together with any of you!!

So, as I was rolling meatballs yesterday I began to think about life and all that it is and has become. It is a very curious perspective for those of us born in the 50’s and 60’s. We were born when media was really an infant confined to a crib. Now it is a full grown monster driving a runaway train. Quite a journey. How the affects of that play out in society (I think we can all agree) are ‘startling’ to say the least. This world has always been filled with such brilliance and such madness however, In 2012/2013 it’s just so amplified and so quickly accessable to all.

It seems everyone must be and have and DO what they see everyone else being, coveting, saying and doing….even if it is crass, crude and vile. Sometimes these ‘wrappings’ completely mask the real person. Where is the authentic person anyway?? People begin to look like and behave like a conglomeration of what they see and hear. Not using their instincts – their God-given authenticity…to just BE! God has given people that gift. If they would just remove the wrappings and LOOK inSIDE!

What have we all been doing today with the wrappings?? THROWING them AWAY! The metaphor is just that simple…The outside wrappings are always discarded. I dream of a day when we can all throw our UNIMPORTANT wrappings away…and JUST BE our ‘inside selves’. Be the authentic, loving and supportive human you were born to be. Embrace the differences we all have inside and support each other AS IS! No need to wrap ourselves up into something we are not.

Realize your wrappings are only used to mask the authentic person you have inside. Be the real you in 2013 and beyond!

What counts is what’s inside!

Kelly Green is mom to Wyatt and founder of the Autism Highway and has coloring books “Making Friends with Autism.” She also is co-moderator on the Facebook pages The Art of Autism and Artists and Autism.

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