“The Art of Autism has filled me with color – wonder – beauty and awe in the magnificence of the human spirit.” Elaine Hall, The Miracle Project

Vision, Mission, Values and Key Messages

Our Vision

To empower and connect individuals within the autism community through participation in the Arts.

Our Mission

To foster independence, self-esteem and artistic expression by participation in The Art of Autism Project.

We do this by:

Supporting artists, musicians and creative writers on the autism spectrum
• Providing a forum for displaying, selling and promoting the art of autistic individuals, including visual and fine artists; poets, video/film content providers, singers, and writers
• Providing regular, quality blog posts, essays and newsworthy stories written by autistic writers and others that inform, enlighten and educate.
• Providing a newsletter of potential opportunities for writers and artists on the spectrum to showcase their work
• Creating merchandise – licensed by us from our pool of AoA artists – that support the monetization of both the artists and AoA’s organizational goals.
• Helping artists, writers, and film makers learn new skills through mentorship and developing their entrepreneurship skills

Raising awareness about autism and the arts

• Raising awareness of the importance of the arts as viable tools for learning, growth and expression; especially for autistic artists and their valuable contributions to the world
• Being guided by principles of respect, honesty, openness and willingness to patiently listen to and address diverse points of views, opinions and beliefs with the purpose of continually advocating for the betterment of autistic lives and the systems that support them.

Strengthening the broader autism community
• Encouraging respectful dialogue among collaborating organizations and participants
• Collaborating with like-minded organizations to educate, inspire, and advocate, through neurodiversity panels, educational events, poetry readings, art exhibits, forums, workshops and other types of events.
• Ensuring our platform is inclusive of the entire spectrum of disability, race, gender, age and enhancing the ideology that love is love and can only enhance art.

Our work is inspired by these Values:

• Participant focused
• Appreciation of diversity
• Committed to our mission
• Celebrating and sharing success
• Collaboration
• Passionate about dignity and respect
• A core belief that access to the Arts should be affordable
• Delivery of high-quality products


Key Messages

• Those who participate in our project are empowered by their participation
• Community building and participation is a focus of our events
• Entrepreneurship is encouraged by mentorship and development of skills
• We acknowledge that everyone’s story matters and we promote the art of storytelling
• Building relationships through collaborative projects creates a stronger more unified community
• By focusing on strengths we build self-esteem and character in our participants
• Inclusion is important. We believe in including autistic people in all our decision-making capacities including on the Art of Autism board, on committees, and participation at all our events.

What can The Art of Autism do for autistic participants?

• We provide a showcase of blogs, gallery art and films through our website and events
• We foster independence and self-esteem among our participants
• We provide a newsletter of opportunities
• We encourage new skills that help build better resumes
• We provide mentorship opportunities
• We are dedicated to finding ways to monetize participation in the project including the licensing of art

What can The Art of Autism do for businesses?

• We refer autistic artists with products for marketing (For example book covers, DVD covers, logos, animation, etc)
• We offer neurodiversity panels to heighten sensitivity in the workplace
• We network with knowledgeable speakers from around the world who are autistic and can share their experience with business, schools, and organizations
• We can make your event better by inclusion of art work that inspires

Why The Art of Autism?

• We are a non-profit that believes in finding common ground through the arts
• Our participants include autistic people who are talented artists, musicians, film makers, speakers and creative writers from around the world
• We are committed to our mission
• We are focused on better outcomes for autistic adults and children
• We have a track-record of effective collaboration with many different organizations
• We provide forums for meaningful and topical content
• We provide superior products

You can support the Art of Autism in these ways:

Submit a blog, art, poetry, or film
Buy our products
Attend our events
Comment on our blogs and Facebook posts
Like our FB and Twitter pages
Share our blogs and newsletter on Social Media and via email
Link to our Page
Sponsor an Event

If you support our mission and would like to become involved with the Art of Autism email Debra at theartofautism @ gmail.com.

Header Image: Craig Roveta, “Refracted Light”


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  1. says: Nan Kennedy

    Hi! You mention supporting creative writers on the spectrum. Do you have a space on your site for book authors? My son on the spectrum, Leo Kennedy, wrote and self-published a book for middle-grade readers: Devin and the Greedy Ferret. It’s available on Amazon, but would love to see it showcased here as well.

  2. says: Robert Priolo

    Good morning,

    My name is Robert Priolo and I have ASD Level 1. I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I am an abstract expressionist and employ the same techniques of American artist Jackson Pollock.

    My social worker recommended this site as she has seen various pieces of my work. I studied art part time while I completed my Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto in 2001/2.

    I was unable to make the demands of working full time as a high school teacher and have been on Long Term Disability since 2008.

    I don’t have a website for my art but I do have a Facebook Art Page which you could peruse. My Art Page is Robert Priolo: Canadian Abstract Expressionist.

    I’d love to be featured on The Art of Autism.

  3. I cannot find anyone with a PayPal account, nor can I open an account without a credit card number to give them [which to me is like sending a signed blank cheque].

    Therefore, I’d like to receive my $25 honorarium from The Art of Autism sent to the charity close to my heart, Surrey Community Cat Foundation, which accepts donations via PayPal:


    Thank you, again.

    Frank Sterle Jr.

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