#ActuallyAutistic bloggers

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The following #ActuallyAutistic bloggers have posted repeatedly on The Art of Autism. Click on their pictures to see their contributions.

Angela Weddle (4)

Angela Weddle

Claudia Casser* (5)

Claudia Casser

Helen Wallace-Iles* (3)

Helen Wallace-Iles

Kevin Hosseini* (2)

Kevin Hosseini

Morgan Giosa (2)

Morgan Giosa

Ron Sandison* (41)

Ron Sandison

Syance Wilson (3)

Syance Wilson

April Dawn Griffin (4)

Claudia Mazzucco (3)

Jane Strauss (2)

Jane Strauss

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker* (9)

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker

Nils Skudra (9)

Nils and Bo

Ryan Smoluk (6)

Ryan Smoluk in his studio

Tom Clements* (5)

Tom Clements

Austin John Jones (9)

Austin Jones

Colin Eldred-Cohen (3)

Colin Eldred-Cohen

Jeanette Purkis* (5)

Jeanette Purkis

Kurt Muzikar (6)

Kurt Muzikar

Pamela Urfer (3)

Pamela Urfer self-portrait autism

S. Scott Sanderson (2)

S. Scott Sanderson

Tom Iland* (7)

Brent Anderson (2)

Brent Anderson

Debbie Denenburg (3)

Debbie Denenburg

Jennifer O'Toole* (2)

Lamar Hardwick* (2)

Lamar Hardwick

Patrick Jasper Lee* (6)

Patrick Jasper Lee

Samantha Craft* (3)

Samantha Craft

Troy Crumine (2)

Troy Crumine

Carly Fulgham (4)

Carly Fulgham

Englebert Lau (2)

Englebert Lau

Jeremy Sicile-Kira* (4)

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Leanne Libas (7)

Leanne Libas

Paul Gomez (2)

Paul Gomez

Dr. Stephen Shore* (3)

Stephen Shore

Wendi Powers (2)

Wen of Zen

Christina MacNeal (3)

Christina MacNeal

Erik Estabrook (2)

Erik Estabrook

Jocelyn Eastman (7)

Jocelyn Eastman

Mikey Allcock (2)

Mikey Allcock

Robbie Ierubino (2)

Robby Ierubino autistic

Stephie King (3)

Stephie King