Ikea Syance Wilson’s first art opening

Syance Wilson

by Debra Muzikar

Last Sunday I had the privilege to attend Ikea “Syance” Wilson’s 20th birthday celebration. Her family created a special art gallery that showcased Ikea’s gifts. They set up a makeshift stage in the backyard where Ikea could shine on the keyboards, accompanying her relatives and friends who sang beautiful songs, many of them gospel and some of Ikea’s own compositions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear the song Our Loving Will Change the World with Ikea on keyboards.

Ikea’s sister, Rosyln, shares Ikea’s story.

Syance with her art piece "Randomisity"
Syance with her art piece “Randomisity”

As a toddler, Ikea was mesmerized by lines, shapes, dark colors, and geometric shapes. She could see designs and patterns that others could not. Shortly thereafter, she received a diagnosis of autism.

At age five she had a goal to be both an astronaut and a dentist. She was fascinated with planets and teeth. She knew all the names of the planets in our solar system, their location from earth, and the suns and moons of each. To everyone’s amazement she created a model of the planets that hung in her room.

Ikea was assigned to a Special Education classroom through the third grade. In the fourth grade she was placed in a general education class and by the sixth grade she was an “A” student. At age nine she started drawing.

Ikea "Syance" first art piece at age nine
Ikea “Syance” first art piece at age nine

In adolescence she built intricately designed houses, coffee shops, castles, and zoos using Legos and wooden blocks. Soon she was building skyscrapers. Her appetite for Legos was unquenchable.

She continued her love of patterns and geometric designs by creating quilt designs from her Mom’s quilting books.

One day she started playing classical and other songs on the piano. She had an amazing ear for picking out notes and copying melodies. Her mom tried to encourage her natural ability by hiring a piano teacher. Ikea would have none of it. She stopped playing the piano.

Playing the keyboard
Playing the keyboard

On her own she took it up again a few years later. When her mom purchased a keyboard, she started composing and recording her own music.

Ikea has chosen the stage name, Syance (Sy-ance), because she loves science.

A fan admiring the art
A fan admiring the art

Ikea is a sophomore at California State University, Bakersfield. Her freshman year she earned a 3.42 GPA. She aspires to become a cartoonist and a music producer. Her love of humanity and science has fueled her goal to find a cure for cancer.

listening to the music
listening to the music

Ikea believes that she has overcome many of the downsides of autism and schizophrenia. She has been gifted with incredible talents that I’m certain will benefit the world in the years ahead.

I’m ending with this beautiful piece sung by Syance’s relatives. Our loving will change the world. It is apparent that the love Ikea’s family has for her has changed her world.

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