Fact Sheet

The Art of Autism Fact Sheet
(As of November 2019)

Mission: The Art of Autism empowers autistic people and their families through participation in the arts.

Year of Inception: 2005
Type of Entity: 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status, as of 2016
Noprofit ID – 81-1518127
Countries Represented: 35+
Participants: Approximately: 1200+
Board Composition: Approximately 50 percent autistic
Collaborating Organizations: 30+
Organizations Who Have Benefited from The Art of Autism exhibits and presentations: 50+
Facebook Fans: approximately 18,900
Twitter Followers: 5,500
Instagram Followers: 900
Average Number of visitors to our website: 100,000+ per month
Services: Blog Posts, Art Exhibits, Film Festivals, Entertainment Shows, Poetry Readings, Autism Awareness / Acceptance Projects, Book Signings, Book Reviews, Musical Events, Online Gallery, Newsletter of Opportunities, Workshops, Educational Presentations, Mentorship Opportunities, Resource Guide, Collaborative Art Projects, Art Classes, Neurodiversity Panels, Town Halls, Best of Autism Blogs Awards, Hearts and Arts Awards, autism store

From 2011-2020 the Art of Autism had events in venues in Washington DC, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Canada, China and the U.K. In 2017 we had exhibits in two museums in California. The Art of Autism has international participation in our online events Autism Unveiled, The Autism Shift, The Autism Cake Collaboration Project, Autism Mentorship Project,  Poems and Art for Peace, Women’s History Month Art Contest, PODS Project.

Awards: 2017 Geek Club Books Most Impactful Autism Blogs, 2019 Healthline Best Autism Blogs, 2019 Applied Behavioral Analysts 30 Best Autism Blogs, 2019 Action Behavior Top 30 Autism Blogs, 2018 Disability Rights Award for Outstanding Nonprofit, 2019 Top Autism Charities That Deserve Your Support

In 2018 The Art of Autism partnered with Apple for Created on Ipad online gallery.  In 2018 – 2020 The Art of Autism partners with the Mainly Mozart nonprofit for art exhibits including an art exhibit at Oceanside Museum in 2020.

The Art of Autism website is www.the-art-of-autism.com. Our facebook page is www.facebook.com/theartofautism. Twitter: artautism
Instagram page

Header Art Work: Kevin Hosseini “Before the Storm”

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  1. says: Ken McGuffey

    Hi. I’m still trying to figure out how to dialog on yout site(and a few other sites -with little success). I stumbled onto this comment spot after wading into some literature on your art of autism site. I presume I can comment and start subjects and experiences from my own life that others could comment on if that is how this site works- somehow , if I can figure out what to do to join in the dialogs. Ken McGuffey,June29,2023.

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