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The Art of Autism is a 501 c 3 nonprofit registered in the State of California. EIN 81-1518127. The Art of Autism’s mission is to empower autistic people and their families through the arts.

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The Art of Autism nonprofit accepts vehicles now. This is a great way to support our nonprofit. Visit our page on the CARS Vehicle Donation Program website.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Continuing in 2024, because of Facebook birthday fundraisers we are able to now pay #ActuallyAutistic bloggers who post on the Art of Autism. Visit the Art of Autism FB page and make a donation through the button at the top of the page. Creating a FB fundraiser is easy. Click through this link to see how.

Legacy Giving

Through bequests, life insurance, and retirement plans, your investment changes lives — transforming the future for individuals with autism and their families. Contact us at to discuss your estate planning.

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Many employers will match your donations. Ask your H.R. department if your employer will match your donation.

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The Art of Autism
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Art on header created by Stephanie Tihanyi “Neurodiverse Tree of Life”

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  1. says: Ann Golumbuk


    My name is Ann Golumbuk and I’m an artist here is San Diego. I’m affiliated with an art group called F1VEart , we are a group of five artists working together on art projects, as well as supporting our communities. One of our projects this year is an art supply drive to collect and distribute art supplies to organizations in the community that support children, people with disabilities and the arts. We were introduced to your organization when we visited your show “The Color of Sound” at The Oceanside Museum of Arts. It was wonderful and so inspiring. The artists of F1VEart would be interested in working with you and donating supplies for your program. We are open to any ideas, and would love to hear what we can do for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope we can work together to support the community.

    Warm Regards,

    Ann Golumbuk

  2. Hi. I have been subscribed to your email feed for a week months now. The Art of Autism seems to have a broad approach to art, and supporting Autistic people. Which I applaud.
    I am Autistic. 62yr old male living in the UK near Manchester. I’m a photographer. Photography keeps me going on the uphill push against the societal tide.
    I am absolutely not professional or commercial in any sense. But, I am 100% in it for the art.
    Not many people see my website, I’m not too sure how to promote it really. I believe in what I am doing. The process of self-improvement and mindfulness has been better than any therapy I could of paid for.
    I will keep going and trust to the luck and random chance of serendipidy. My art may ultimately be swept under the carpet as mediocre like so many other artists, or maybe not. Who knows. But photography and making images is a life saver, and that alone is a good enough reason to continue on the art journey.

    1. says: admin

      Chris, let us know if you want to write a blog post for the art of autism about your photography.

      Email info@artautismcom

  3. says: Dino

    Heyo! My name is Dino, 30yo with Autism & ADHD. I love to develop a lots of new creative hobbies and intellectual interests in psychology, esoteric/spirutial subjects.

    Working online as private teacher with kids who are also ND. This is my website Arrow Mind ( )
    where I publish my work (photography, writings, astrology insights…).

    It would meant to me much to start selling the photography prints or to have inquires for personalized bookmarks, a bedtime story for you or your kid(s) or other creative ideas you would like to learn or to recieve, You can contact me on gmail and make donation on website. This is all one-person (me) doing it and finding my way to make positive impact to show strength of being ASD and beauty of transformative experience in life.

    Tnx for reading, keep burning your spark, Dino

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