Featured artist Pipoye

Pipoye is one of the youngest artists in the Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions book. He was born in 1997.

Pipoye is a Moroccan self-taught digital painter from Casablanca. At the young age of eight, his computer became his best friend and teacher. He found in it the entire world – the people, the languages, the culture, and all the amazing elements that constitute our universe. It has been a tool that has helped him communicating and navigating the world around him. His digital drawings have a sophisticated use of color and shape that makes them unique and distinct.

Pipoye has displayed his art in galleries in Morocco, France, and with the Art of Autism at the Soho Digital Gallery of Art in New York City in 2011.  His last exhibition “ Le Monde de Pipoye “ was a success in Morocco.  In January 2013, Pipoye’s art will be on display at the Galerie Kandisha in France.

Pipoye’s vision of life is full of optimism and joy. Cities and people are magical. I’m quite certain Pipoye will one day visit the cities he has created in his portfolio of digital images.

See more of Pipoye’s art at Art of Autism: Architecture

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