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Temple with Joel Anderson

In the last month, John Elder Robison decided to step down from Autism Speaks, Art of Autism artists went out to lunch with Temple Grandin (who gave them some practical tips) and my son Kevin entered a psychiatric hospital. I decided to redo our Top Blog list to include the top 15 blogs as the top ranking blogs have changed dramatically. I’m rating the blogs on both number of views and Facebook shares. I’m always looking for guest bloggers. Email me at

1. No Gifts. Prayers for Kevin Hosseini. Kevin’s birthday was last Saturday. Even though he spent it in a psychiatric hospital, our family has much to be grateful for. The outpouring of love and support for Kevin was amazing. This blog has had over 1,100 views and over 900 Facebook likes. Thank you so much for your prayers and suggestions. We have a lot of angels out there.


2. The Value of Art Therapy for Those on the Autism Spectrum. With over 900 Facebook Likes this is our #2 blog.

3. Young Autistic Adults and parents find community at Autism Movement Therapy Workshop (740 FB likes). Attending the AMT workshop this year was a highlight of my year. We made close friends. Thank you Joanne Lara, Karen Howard and Keri Bowers. Kevin made friends too!

Kevin and Dani Bowman
Kevin and Dani Bowman

4. Autism Speaks Aut to Listen to John Elder Robison. John Elder Robison’s decision to step down from Autism Speaks committees stirred a lot of controversy. This blog received over 680 views but not nearly as many likes. It includes self-portraits of many artists on the spectrum.

"Hushed" April Dawn Griffin Au
“Hushed” April Dawn Griffin Au

5. Jeremy Sicile-Kira paints his dreams (570 FB likes) I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed writing this story. Nonverbal Jeremy sees people’s auras in his dreams and then paints them. He’s discovered this talent in the last year. The Art of Autism looks forward to showing Jeremy’s art in 2014.

6. The Problem with Making Perfect Babies – The World According to Finn. I met up with Finn’s mom Nikki in Ventura a couple of months ago. Finn is mad about genetic cures and tells us why!

George and Finn
George and Finn

7. German artist Gee Vero – The Art of Inclusion (551 FB likes) – I posted this project two weeks ago and it’s received the momentum it deserves. Gee’s still receiving art from all around the world.

Gee and her son
Gee and her son

8. Eddie – Superboy (547 FB Likes) Matt Perko, Eddie’s dad has immortalized Eddie in our blog. Matt is an amazing photographer who has used his photography as a healing tool making Eddie into supercharacters.

Matt Perko Super Boy
Matt Perko Super Boy

9. Twelve Tips for Artists how to market your art (457 FB likes) – Artists you need to know this. Temple Grandin says always carry your portfolio.

10. Elaine Hall – It Takes A Child (445 FB Likes) – Elaine, a parent and the founder of the Miracle Project shares her insights.

11. The Craig Roveta Story – Out of the Dark into the Light (354 FB Likes) Remember when moms used to be called refrigerator moms? This is a harrowing tale of one family’s story. This article appeared in the Australian Autism Aspergers Network Magazine. An article on Steven Coventry will be out soon.

12. Exceptional Minds Celebrates Two Years (324 FB Likes) Exceptional Minds provides Adobe certifications to adults on the autism spectrum. A wonderful program. We need more of these!

13. Lunch with Temple Grandin was the highlight of last month for me. Here she gives advice to young artists. I’ve included a video from that day by Dani Bowman. (306 FB likes)


14. Communicating Through Art (304 FB Likes) – how to reach your child through art.

15. Neal Katz – I’ve listened enough (243 FB Likes). Neal is Elaine Hall’s child. He is nonverbal and has a profound message we all need to hear.

Neal Katz
Neal Katz

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