Harley-Davidsons art and autism – Kirtanraw paints motorcycles

Kirtenraw Bandiloo "Harley Davidson"

by Debra Muzikar

Kirtenraw Bandiloo "Harley Davidson"
Kirtenraw Bandiloo “Harley-Davidson”

Sometimes an image someone emails me will inspire a blog. This one of a Harley Davidson who Subramanian Bandiloo emailed me today made me think about motorcycles and autism. Kirtanraw is a talented young (20 years old) artist from Malaysia. He has been sketching motorcycles for about a year.

Kirtanraw Bandiloo "Motorcycle Sketch"
Kirtanraw Bandiloo “Motorcycle Sketch”

Kirtanraw’s dad loves motorcycles.


And so does Kirtanraw.


And so do many people!

As I researched motorcycle rides that benefit autism non-profits, I find many rides across the United States. Unfortunately, many of them benefit the big autism non-profit and the money doesn’t stay in the local community. I did find one organization RideforAutism.org who is here in Southern California. They have a big fundraiser coming up Sunday, June 7 – the 10th Annual Wine for Autism event in Redondo Beach. The money raised benefits local nonprofits 100 percent. They also have their 8th annual Ride for Autism on August 1. I love when local organizations have events and the money stays in the community. If you have a ride you’d like to publicize please feel free to post it here. Please no Autism Speaks rides – that money rides off into the sunset never to be seen again by local autism families or autistic people.

Kirtanraw has an art exhibit coming in June in Malaysia.


Kirtanraw is a visionary artist whose mind is able to translate details into amazing images on canvas. The Art of Autism looks forward to showing Kirtanraw’s art in the future.

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