The Art of Autism is looking for volunteers to assist in the following areas:

  • website maintenance
  • social media
  • publicity
  • fundraising

Send us an email to info@artautism.com.

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  1. says: Christina MacNeal

    Hi it has been a while! Its Christina MacNeal. I miss being involved with the Art Of Autism and would like to donate my time and skill set in what ever manner it is best used. I am great at coming up with ideas, I am a great writer and editor. I am good with business and fundraising, social media and I also have media connections. Beyond that you guys I am sure remember what my skill sets are, maybe laugh! I cant get into my old email at the moment so if you could respond to christinamacneal03@gmail.com that would be great as then I will receive the email. I do not know if there is a board position open but I would also be interested in that. I just adore you guys and really believe in the magic that is the Art Of Autism, I really do, its my favorite site. So let me know how I may better be of service to the organization and I have plenty of time on my hands right now so its a great time to engage in something I believe so strongly in. Thanks! Christina MacNeal.

  2. says: David LaFrenz

    I recently met Debra Muzikar at a local event and am interested in participating in whatever way I can. I’ve given presentations at autism conferences; serve on disability rights committees; been a past board member for autism groups; and am autistic myself. My strengths are writing, speaking, and sharing the joys of autism and neurodivergent thinking and living.

  3. says: David LaFrenz

    Hello Debra, I’m highly interested in writing something. I’m an autistic father raising an autistic son with his autistic mother. I’d be interested in writing about my experiences in this arena and area of my life.

  4. says: Moe Asif

    Hi there,

    I wanted to say what a fantastic and diverse website you guys have.
    I have a form of autism and was wondering if I could be a guest blogger with one article of thats okay with you guys.

    Many thanks

  5. says: Lynn Luc

    Hi There,

    I am Lynn and currently joined the Volunteers Guide in the Art of Gallery Nova Scotia. And I would like to join the Arts of Autism Volunteers. Kindly let me know how can I register this specific volunteer program.

    Thank you.

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