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DRLC Art Contest


Art Contest Submissions Art of Autism and Disability Legal Rights Center Artists were asked to submit art with the themes of Inclusion, Disability, Education…

Wen of Zen "Joy"

Created on Ipad

For Autism Acceptance in April, Art of Autism contributors across the United States explored digital art as a new medium using iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. What they created...


[Show as slideshow] Miguel Valente The Paradise of Time & Space Neri Avraham Abstract Andy Atalla Abstract at Night Trent Altman Life, Love, Explosion...


[Show as slideshow] Austin John Jones Ronaldo Byrd Adam Castillo Ali Tlais Amanda LaMunyon Angela Weddle Angela Weddle Anne McBride Ann Riggott April Dawn...

Musical Art

[Show as slideshow] Angela Weddle Music Practice Daniel Simon City of Music Debbie Denenburg Band Singer Eileen Sobora Music Time Eric Huggins The Temptations...