Art & Poems for Peace 2022 Post #2 – Teen Submissions

Rainbow Mosho Let's Bring Peace
Rainbow Mosho "Lets Bring Peace"

Header image: Rainbow Mosho, Age 13 “Let’s Bring Peace”


By Aadi Narayan, Age 14

The world is so large
But the mind is not that big
My world is smaller than I see
My eyes are searching for the views to calm me
Saw only green leaves without colourful fruit
Saw birds are flying without aim
My views are dry to calm me

The Art of Autism is thrilled that so many teenagers and children submitted to The Art of Autism’s 7th Annual Art & Poems for Peace. We will be posting all submissions throughout September. Readers can see all blog post submissions by following this link.

Our second post in September is from teenagers around the world. Please share with hashtags #peaceday #thearofautism

Debarghya Chaudhuri, Age 17

Debarghya Chaudhuri Blue Ocean
Debarghya Chaudhuri “Blue Ocean”
Debarghya Chaudhuri "Valley of Eternity"
Debarghya Chaudhuri “Valley of Eternity”

More poetry from Aadi Narayan, Age 14

A mother cry for peace

I am earth living for every one’s life
I am here to tell you that I am in wound ,I am in pain
I may lose my life, my greenery, my people who lives for me
I may bleed because of your weapons
I may lose my strength
I may lose my life in this world
you save your life by protecting me
I can say I want you all in my hands
I am a mother, I am a lady whose seeing your war and feeling
I can say you all are in one colour, which doesn’t requires label
War means you won’t get anything
you will lose everything
Save you, love each other.

Racism never ending (The United Nations peace theme for 2022 is End Racism. Build Peace.)

My hands are moving
My legs are moving
My body is moving
I have red colour blood
My skin is in melanin made, but it doesn’t requires labelling of
colour black and white
I may say I am in white colour, but my blood is in red colour
I may say my hair is black, it made by my body
I say don’t judge the people in colour of the body
Love is the word which we misses in this world
Love each other, every one is your brothers and sisters
Don’t kill each other
Nature is beautiful, don’t destroy the beauty of nature

Ansh Batra, Age 14

Ansh Batra Untitled
Ansh Batra “Untitled”
Ansh Batra Untitled
Ansh Batra “Untitled”

Aidan Burkholder, Age 17, 12th grade, Katy, TX

Aidan Burkholder Rescue
Art by Aidan Burkholder

Aidan Burkholder Hold Me

Christopher Kenzo, Age 14

Christopher Kenzo "Foods and Fruits World"
Christopher Kenzo “Foods and Fruits World”
Christopher Kenzo
Christopher Kenzo “Three Musicians” Acrylic (based on Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso)

Vinayak Raj, Age 13

Vinayak Raj Buddha 1
Vinayak Raj “Buddha 1”
Vinayak Raj Buddha 2
Vinayak Raj “Buddha 2”
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