The Being of Peace: 2017 World Peace Day

Peace Flag

The first in a Continuing Series of Peaceful Art and Poems

Compiled by Keri Bowers with contributions by Anthony Brown, Chimezie Ihekuna, Scott Lentine, Maranda Russell, Wells Denison, Eileen Ithra Sobora

“Negative words carry negative vibration. Positive words carry positive vibration. What do you want your child to reflect back to you, the label of disordered or the label of gifted in a new way?” Suzy Miller, Awesomism

When we think about the words we use in everyday language, not just about the words used in the disabilities community, but in a world where more and more, negative words fly about like haphazard bee’s ready to sting, it might feel as if peace is elusive.

Suzy Miller is right; negative words carry negative vibrations. Look at what is happening in our country and the world, as people on all sides of varying issues gather “righteously” to inflame with words, violence, and harrowing destruction, the world around us. We see this inflammation within the global autism community as well.

Though we are not a political group, we at AoA grieve for the mutual destruction occurring all around us. We founded The Art of Autism to seek hope, promise, and possibilities. We work to bring opportunities for growth and self-determination among our followers. Each of us, on AoA’s Board of Directors ~ comprised equally of autistics and parents ~ has made a personal commitment to working toward artful advocacy with peace and dignity.

The poems in this continuing series, written by verbal and non-speaking individuals, and those who love them, are a call to encourage the real and vibrational energies of peace. We invite you to breathe in the essence of these poems that express a quest for inner and outer peace.

When our lighted candle stands next to yours, together we make the world a brighter, more peaceful place. Please join us in this universal prayer for peace as we mindfully examine the possibilities we individually and collectively create in the world.

“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries,” Sister Corita Kent

A Peaceful Heart

By Anthony Brown-supported typing with Mary Ann

Peace is coming so it seems
No longer lost among superficial dreams
Great feeling coming over me
Sensed oppression is relieved
Why I wonder is it so?
Shifting energy, all aglow
In my heart I know it’s true
Saving grace, is pouring through
Ascending zenith, arriving now
Spreading kindness all around
Beams of light heartfelt sound
Love fuels peaceful outcomes

The Being of Peace

By Chimezie Ihekuna

Humanity has long lost me
but it’s in dire need of me

Humanity considers me trivial
but I’m the most important factor in its focal

Humanity desires the change time;
but I’m the very needed enzyme

Humanity seeks for comfort
but fails to realize I’m its forte

Humanity clamours for conflict resolution
but I’m the very solution

Humanity is in a closed confused state
but I’m the key to open the Clarity Gate

Humanity finds a remedy to find another problem
but I’m the sure lasting solution claim

Humanity sees me as not serious
but I’m the most conscious

Humanity perceives me as un-inviting
but I’m the most encouraging

Humanity thinks it’s wealthy
but I’m what it really wishes: ‘healthy’

Humanity vicious circle will linger
if I’m not called to reverse the impending danger

Who am I?

I am simply ‘The Being of Peace’

The Pony Gods

By Maranda Russell

public domain pony image

I pray to the Pony Gods.
I don’t know if they listen,
or even if they care,
but sometimes
they do seem to answer.
Why the Pony Gods?
Why not?
I figure the Pony Gods
have just as much a chance
of being good –
or being real
as the human ones.

Peace, Love, & Basset Hounds

By Wells Denison

This poem is important to me because there are good things, and bad things about life. This poem kinda reminds me of when I was little, and I screamed a lot. I have learned to control my behavior, because I am 11 now.

Decrease the peace

Nice voices
Good words
Good influences
Increase the peace

Getting screamed at
Or screaming myself
Decreases my own peace

Playing with water
With my dad
Increases my own peace

When I’m upset
I take some deep breaths
And think about my iPad
And peace returns

The world is never going to be perfect

The Ode to the Autistic Man

By Scott Lentine

Try to understand the challenges that I face

I would like to be accepted as a human in all places

Where I will end up in life I don’t know

But I hope to be successful wherever I go

I would like to expand my social skills in life

Making new friends would be very nice

Stand proud for the autistic man

For he will find a new fan

I hope to overcome the odds I face today

Increased acceptance will lead me to a brighter day

By the age of 20, I will have made tremendous strides

I know in the future, life will continue to be an interesting ride

I have made new friends by the year

I will be given tremendous respect by my family and peers

I hope to get noted for bringing the issue of autism to the common man

So that autistic people can be accepted in this great land

Stand proud for the autistic man

For he will find a new fan

I hope to overcome the odds I face today

Increased acceptance will lead me to a brighter day

Fall Season

art work by Eileen Sobora

“What I convey in this art piece was one of my favorite seasons of the year that makes me feel the most peaceful. In my painting, you will see a forest of red leaves surrounding the wilderness along with some fallen leaves scattered around the scenery. In the center, a woman is walking along the path of leaves enjoying the scenery while showing a smile on her face. I would consider this art piece to be nature themed as I find the fall season to be a symbol of renewal; the beginning of peaceful times ahead before winter begins,” Eileen Ithra Sobora

The theme for the United Nations’ International Peace Day 2017, is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”. This year the initiative is dedicated to a “global partnership in support of diversity, non-discrimination and acceptance of refugees and migrants.”

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on September 21st. Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, it was declared that this be a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

For more information about International Day of Peace ~ or World Peace Day ~ visit On their website, you will find wonderful activities that you and your children can participate in to support this important initiative. A great skill builder opportunity, by participating in activities directed toward peace with our children, we build into our narrative, a world of positivity and possibility which springs hope eternal.

“My theory is that the environment animals live in should activate their positive emotions as much as possible, and not activate their negative emotions any more than necessary. If we get the animal’s emotions rights, we will have fewer problem behaviors… All animals and people have the same core emotion systems in the brain.”
― Temple Grandin, Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals

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