The Art of Autism: honoring World Peace Day with art & poetry (2016)

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By Keri Bowers

In sharing poems & art for peace throughout the month of September, we support the belief that peace begins within each of us, calling forth individual, collective action to manifest it in the world. The actual day of commemoration each year is September 21st.

In a sadly ironic and definitive twist of fate, the intial day of observation of World Peace Day each year had been the third Tuesday of September as adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 1981. However, on September 11, 2001, what was to have been the observation of International Peace Day was instead a day that would forever mark a critical mass in abhorent human nature and terror. In 2001, the date for International – or – World Peace Day was changed to the current annual celebration on 21 September.

In doing our part to inspire mindful peace, The Art of Autism is supporting our friends and collaborators in many things autism throughout the month of September. We join our friends, Poems for Peace; Yes Salon International; SICA (Subud International Cultural Association), and USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery, to enroll autistic artists, their families and friends to be a part of this international, critical and heartfelt event.

In autism and other disabilities, we know all too well that peace begins in our hearts, helping us to manifest strength and determination to face and live with the challenges of disability. Together, we celebrate our right and commitment to peace within ourselves, and to the individual manifestation of this message in the world.

Throughout September we will share the poems and art we received from our artists and their families via blogs and social media posts, along with free and accessible online peace events you can take part in. Last year, an estimated 1.5 billion people played a part in World Peace Day on September 21st. We encourage you to share this opportunity with your friends and family, finding a way to be a part of the heart of peace.

We hope you will join us. The Art of Autism is accepting poems and original art with the theme of “Peace.” Peace may be interpreted as inner peace, peace of mind, peace in relationships, peace in autism, and world peace. Submissions can be sent to, with a note granting permission for reprint of your original poem or art work. We will endeavor to print all submissions, but reserve the right to omit from publication.

Kimberly Tucker "Tree for Peace"
Kimberly Tucker “Tree for Peace”

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7 replies on “The Art of Autism: honoring World Peace Day with art & poetry (2016)”
  1. Oh dream on the prary,
    Oh dance of electricity,
    Oh chance to be to bit,
    I dreamt more than zen,
    i dreamt more than hollow,
    the ages of the past all broken and swallowed

    faith is my name,
    i’d heard it before,
    the truth could go through you,

    the pace could ignore,

    the dance of a lion,
    the chase from a dying,
    the grace of a killing,
    the smile of a lion,

    faith is that you?
    he sat there subdued
    why didn’t you call,
    all empty and bold,
    all challenged and tall,
    the wreath cometh to form,

    the snow where we dance on,
    the tiles breaking motions,
    all tiptoeing motions.

  2. Peace-Love-Peace

    Peace begins with love
    Love begins with forgiveness
    We want peace
    Means there was war

    War that hide our peace afar
    Anger that seems unforgiving
    Vengeance we cried out
    A kill for a kill

    We live in fear
    Without forgiveness
    This anger is boiling
    When will the enemy strike
    A million question
    Home not more home

    The search for peace begins in our heart
    Outside our souls
    We clam bravery
    Living us with mirage of our mirage

    This peace we all need
    This peace will not come
    Forgive and love again
    So this peace will come
    So this peace we love


    Happy International Peace Day

    “LEgioN’z Assembly”
    18157 ® 2016

  3. says: Ikechukwu Chidiebere Okoli

    I am a heavy calibre supporter of global peace initiatve.You can count on me to deliver anytime anyday.Thank you!

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