World Peace Day – the measure of peace #PeaceDay

Neri Avraham Peace Bird

“We recognize that peace is a choice. Instead of demanding peace from governments and leaders, we claim our own creative ability to manifest a world of peace, beginning in our own consciousness.” Spirit Expressions

By Art of Autism Poets ~ with Keri Bowers

Our egos separate us from peace, from peace in our hearts, and from peace in the world. Demanding righteousness our egos make others wrong. This is the human condition ~ the ego’s demand.

Take a moment today to STOP. TO BE SILENT ~ if only for a moment. Calm the chatter in your head in favor of a glimpse of a peaceful heart. If you lean toward having a peaceful heart in your daily affirmations, then please give that moment to another and to the world.

The following poems are written by The Art of Autism collaborators. We thank each of you for your peaceful contributions to this day, September 21st ~ World / International Peace Day.

The Autism Dream “for my Maeve”

Love is not riddled with conditions
Her Love is patient and kind
Love for a child has no limitations
Though still my heart aches for her to
tell us all to unwind.
Many times her kindness speaks for her, she knows no lies.
Her manner is gentle and tender
Her wings just fell off I surmise.
God sent her to me with his trust
I shouted as loud as I could.
Telling all she’s an angel
sent to teach us her quiet good.
Not something to be boxed and unused.
To be pointed at and refused.
Yet to be honored and respected
For all the lessons humanity could consume.
Though others would point fingers and fail her
I put my arms around her and pushed her gently forward.
Telling her she can be the Autism sunbeam
And lifting her up where she could follow her dreams!

Seasons of Love

By Brian Watson

We paint love in many colours according to season
and we sometimes look back on faded pictures that we can vision like new
new love like open breezes is ceaseless in its gentle embrace
old love is like a bond that provides the most unfettered freedom
All seasons of love are joyful
but none can match its first gentle steps like streams forming
then flowing to rivers wide and true

Be gentle to it through all its seasons
All are beautiful
with the first always
so precious

Kat Taylor Peace
Kat Taylor “Peace”

Pause and Listen
By Kat Taylor

If we all pause and listen
Listen with what our hearts tell us ~ not our heads
Not our egos
Not our jobs or circumstances
Not the influence of others
Nor the mass media
Not anything printed in self-help books
If we all pause and listen with our souls
And then share this wisdom
The world over
It is only then
We will achieve world peace
There is nothing that worldly possessions can buy us
Nor any church-based religion can withstand
World peace begins within each and every one of us
Through one individual at a time
Pass this on
As that certain understanding that peace is possible
And peace begins within all of you
Inspiration knocks at my hearts door
And I just had to answer the call straight away

A Poem for (Peace) for Aspergers
By Tom Clements

Aspies want freedom from anguished shackles,
Since we profit not a penny from all the world we’re made to tackle,
Peace is to carve our niche from oak and not the rotten logs we’re given,
Each of us dreams in ways beyond the norm and unfettered by the social-driven.
Realise that we deserve to feast on more than crumbs,
Given that while we baked the layercake,
Everyone seemed to bicker, snicker and idly twiddle thumbs.
Reading between the lines while we remained hidden in their margin,
Seeking paths to better worlds, our resolve will forever harden.
Yet we refuse to be roused by hollow anthems,
Noodling to rhythms off-beat, though we’re rarely sent off at tangents.
Don’t underestimate our disregard for fame and status,
Real merit for our labours is the only prize to captivate us.
Oscillate and waver on terms alien to us,
Most of our time is spent on weaker ground that you,
Elegant deception is something we’ll always be unaccustomed to.

Keri Bowers Teach Peace
Keri Bowers “Teach Peace”

The Measure of Peace
By Keri Bowers

The measure of peace is not discovered on the finest day
Nor the most average
It is reflected in the darkest day’s shadow when the light appears absent
And the kindness of a stranger, a community, a nation or the world
Reveals in gestures ~ humanity’s heart
The measure of peace is revealed in the experience of fear
As we proceed to be powerful despite its presence
Peace is present when we simply say “I don’t get you…
Yet I hear you…” no matter our differences
The measure of peace is what we teach our children
When our hearts are challenged
When we are judged, assaulted or hurt
And yet we rise to show them how to make good choices
In the reflection of our own actions
The measure of peace is when we turn the channel
Or our cheek not with contempt
But in favor of calm
The measure of peace is when death calls to us,
And with our last breath we cry “I am ready”
The measure of peace is in the silence of the ego
In favor of the sun

My Haiku
By Anlor Davin

May I be in peace
May you be in peace
May we be in peace


Cover Image: Neri Avraham “Peace Bird”


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