The Education and Action of Peace

Yukari Satori
Yukari Satori

Celebrate World Peace Day in Your Classroom; Your Community; Your Home
The Art of Autism’s 3rd edition of 2019 Poetry and Art for Peace

#InternationalPeaceDay presents parents and educators with vital opportunities to teach, model, and engage our children and students about the importance of Peace and the costs of war and climate change.

We encourage parents and educators to take advantage of World Peace Day ~ and Peace all year long, by creating your own innovative lesson plans, and/or by using teaching resources found at Teacher Planet where they offer free peace-filled lesson plans. You will also find arts and crafts activities dedicated to creating art-full P E A C E.

Model and share actions and messages of Peace with your children and students, young and old. Practice Peace in your daily lives and let the children see this from you. Visit for resources!

Nick Gustafson "Peace Turtle"
Nick Gustafson “Peace Turtle”

The Strength Within

By Sherinmary Zacharia

Rays of strength start from me, spread boundless, wide
Safe in me lies my soul, very safe from any rule and guide
Set me free from your scales to assess my losses but
Count nothing, only what I have, all my grit and gut .

Everything I put against my true self breaks me countless
I whine and scream, you call it your misfortune endless.
A sea is trying to reach you with its corals and pearls
It is not just an unruly wave that splashes on rocks and snarls

Where do I find a judge who will hear me plead
Without giving a judgement on what I need.
My voice you may not hear but I have lots to share
My heart blossoms into flowers for the ones who care.

To pure love I respond, my eye peeks into minds
In there just too many hurdles one finds
Trust me I can do much better, know the job right
Everyday the me you see has me to fight.

How much should I deter from my weirdness
I need you to love me despite my madness
All I can give you is eternal space in my soul
A sure gift for a life given for me whole.

But to me doing what gives new dimensions
To my thoughts and their revisions
Fulfills in my life my wish to be a creator
Of thoughts effective for a world tired of all predator

Art by JH, Mandala in Blue, CITE School
Art by JH, Mandala in Blue, CITE School

Blue Cover

By Athena Maria with Maria Iliou

Student mirroring teacher
Brought down
Our magic box
She reply …blue
Lifting blue cover of
Magic box

Stuffing box with feelings
Is no longer serving

Athena’s emotions of frustration
Showing exactly where
On her own body…frustrated is

In corner of her mind
Constantly worried
Within new life
Routine…routines of growth
Beyond her wisdom

She find peace
Within her soul
Feelings of comfort
Receiving love and support
Embracing new routines

I am safe

Art by JH, Mandala in Blue, CITE School
Art by JH, Mandala in Blue (Close-Up), CITE School

Sometimes Peace

By Linsih Balan

Sometimes peace just needs a walk
Over the hills, through the valleys
To listen to the trickling of the slow water, over the smooth rocks
To look up to see the painting of God in the sky

Sometimes peace just needs a seat
At the seaside, at the riverbank
To feel the waves in the evening sun
To enjoy the dancing moon on ripples at night

Sometimes peace just needs a bed
To drift off to sleep, a journey of relaxation
To alleviate the past pains
Soon to wake to the chirping of birds

Mark Noble "Snow in Winter"
Mark Noble “Snow in Winter”


By CarolAnn Edscorn

Must. Have. Deep. Dark.
Venetian blinds not enough
Soft sheers not enough
Impenetrable drapes are not impenetrable
Every. Single. Electric. Light. Off.
Lights off not enough
No no no not enough
Sleep mask not enough
Oh the profound need for darkness
Can hearing surpass vision
Windows open
Ocean swells tickle sand
Invisible breezes clatter leaves
Sirens truck engines train whistles
Noise decibels frequency
Oh the profound need for silence
Rise up, walk, stroll outside
Full moon
Bright stars
Black night sky
With moon and stars
Hum a hymn
Music. Stars. Moon. Black infinity.

It only took four hours and now
I can sleep.

Keri Bowers "Non-Conforming Roses"
Keri Bowers “Non-Conforming Roses”

Fragrance of Roses

By Sherinmary Zachria

Unstoppable my tears flow
My grief rains what can gauge it?
When my sobs sink my heart
Nesting in my wails is not hope.
When soaked, my cheeks may smell
Of the depressing thoughts overpowering my mind.
The fingers that wipe my tears
And soothe my withering heart
Alone would sense my cheeks turn pink
Emanating fragrance of roses.

Listen to Me

By Athena with Maria Iliou

Listen to me
I am loved
Loving autism

My true self
Tell tale stories
Whom I am

Emerges my gifts
Touches my heart of soul

As we approach World Peace Day on September 21st, please take a moment with those around you to, to enjoy a Minute of Silence for P E A C E.

Wherever you find yourself on Peace Day, you can be part of something that spans the entire globe. At noon in each time zone, one minute of silence will be held. This is a time that can be spent meditating on a more peaceful world, praying for those who have lost their lives due to violence, or simply honoring the ability to join with others in this common goal of world peace.

Take One Minute on Sept. 21 at noon (all time zones)

Global Minute of Silence for Peace

Join the Minute of Silence Facebook group to commit yourself to honoring this moment.

With Peace-filled love,

The Art of Autism

Cover image: Yukari Satori “Save and Protect Endangered Species” Courtesy of Creativity Explored

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