Top 5 Art of Autism Blog Posts of 2021 that went Viral

As we close out 2021, The Art of Autism would like to acknowledge our 2021 top blog posts. All of them were older blog posts yet still get a lot of traction because of search engine ranking. We are grateful to the many people who submit to our website.

#1 Samantha Crafts: Female and Autism / Asperger’s A Checklist. This is by far our most popular blog post emphasizing the need for women to be diagnosed and receive appropriate services. This blog post has close to a million hits and 1/2 million of them were in the last year. We are excited that Marcelle Ciampi (AKA Samantha Craft) is a new board member to the Art of Autism in 2021.

#2 Understanding the Spectrum: A Comic Strip Explanation. This blog post by Rebecca Burgess has been translated into many different languages (links are on the blog post). Rebecca has also received many requests from universities and corporations to use her comic strip in training manuals about autism.

#3 Top 10 Signs You Have Aspergers. Englebert Lau wrote this humorous blog post many years ago. It continues to be a favorite on our website.

#4 The Autism Puzzle Piece: A symbol that is Going to Stay or Go. This is also an older blog post discussing the controversy surrounding the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism.

#5 Favorite 105 Quotes About Autism / Aspergers. We update this popular blog post regularly.

The Art of Autism is proud that many organizations that rank websites have placed us in the top 10 Autism blogs. We have several dedicated sections of posts on our website including Covid-19 posts, Autistics of Color, Autistic Poets, and Autistic female blog posts, as well as ActuallyAutistic bloggers (the majority of our blog posts are from autistic bloggers). We also acknowledge parents, siblings, and professionals. The majority of our bloggers are on the autism spectrum giving our website a much-needed perspective.

We want to thank all who read our blog posts and enjoy our art galleries and projects.

Finally, we wish 2022 will be a better year for many.

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