The Amazing Seasons and other poetry by Ishaan Holloway


a poem


Ishaan Holloway

I see magic in the Kingdom of colour,
I see pure joy,
I see love in the air,
I see hope,
I see freshness,
I see nature in its bounty,
I see beautiful Fall in all its glory.


a poem by

Ishaan Holloway

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate,
The toiling of the land,
The fruits of our labour,
The hard work of the Godly farmers,
Working hard in their magnificient fields,
The poor turkey meanwhile is oblivious to its fate.
Please let us make Thanksgiving about thanks,
And not just about the food on our plate!

Ishaan Holloway

Ishaan is a sixteen year old, non-speaking, teen on the autism spectrum. He communicates (and composes) by spelling things out on a letter board or keyboard.

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