Autistic Emotions and Other Poetry by Dana Trick

Dana Trick Autistic Emotions

Autistic Emotions

Happy, sadness, envy, fear, and surprise—
6 emotions,
6 logics,
all misunderstood.

Smile, tears, growl, grimace, whimper, and jaw dropping—
6 actions,
6 expressions,
all human.

Comedy, tragedy, revenge, rival, horror, and plot twist—
6 encounters,
6 experiences,
all stories.

Yellow, blue, red, green, gray, and orange—
6 colors,
6 feelings,
all frequently used.

Joy, despair, jealously, wrath, terror, and shock—
6 descriptions,
6 separate identities,
all mixed together.

Books, loneliness, polarization, starting a conversation, abandonment, and this world—
6 pieces,
6 parts,
all me.

Autistic Logic

It all makes sense—
all cause and effect.
It makes up the world,
how it moves and grows,
how it breathes and sings,
how it lives and dies.

Science and math,
equations, theories, evidence, and solutions—
all necessary pieces for this life.

a goblet of calming water
to the wildfire emotions.

I don’t understand why
so many people allow themselves
to be burned alive—
Yet I cannot shake off
this sensation of constant drowning?

Autistic Minds

Autistic minds
Aren’t cardboard copies.
In both biology, location, diagnosis, and personality
Make us all different.

But sometimes,
Our stims, special needs, and experiences
Make us bump into each other.

Autistic Philosophy

It is inevitable to lie to yourself and others—
A happy life is can only be achieved by
Being honest with yourself and others.

Devote yourself to the things you love,
Explore and research everything about them,
Talk about them relentlessly with everyone you know.

Never let alone fester into loneliness.
So find people that will accept you for who you are
And are willing to help you and be there for you.
And who you’ll do the same things for them.

Never romantic or polarize, propagandize or erase,
Various things in life—
Always ask questions about everything,
Always be curious about anything that comes your way.

Make sure your heart and your brain are heard,
Never be afraid to let loose both your tears and laughter,
Never run away from the facts and logic.

Accept that you are alive in this world,
Improve yourself without losing yourself,
Love yourself and your autism.

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Dana resides in Moorpark, California. She spends too much of her time reading books (fantasy, fiction, history, poetry, comics), drawing weird things that suddenly appear in her head, writing stories and poems and listening to a strange assortments of music genres that she isn’t sure what type of music fan she is.

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  1. says: Ali

    I love these poems! But in the first verse of the first one it is 5 things that are listed, not 6. And in “Autistic Philosophy” verse 4 you may want “romantisize” or “romance” rather than “romantic”. Thank you!

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