#AutismSweets Part 2 Collaboration and Expression

By Jocelyn Eastman

I am pleased to finally publish the second installment of our #AutismSweets series. I know it is not quite Netflix, but I certainly enjoyed being able to hear some of the different points of view and some of the surprising things that came in during this part.

The fun thing about it was that the video is raw from people answering the questions. We didn’t want those answering to be perfect, we just wanted people to take their phones and record answers to the questions we sent based on the cakes from Sugar Art for Autism.

I only wish that in future projects, we can get others to join in on the fun. We had three states from the United States and one other country represented as interviewed. I would love to hear what someone from a completely different background has to say!

Of course, we have to thank those who made this project possible. First and foremost, Sugar Art for Autism came up with the initial cake project and invited us in! #AutismSweets is the baby of #SugarArtforAutism. Jane Strauss of Jane’s Prints, Joel Anderson of Joel’s Vision Arts, and my friend Erin Kosidlo.

See the first video here.

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