#AutismSweets Video Series – Part 1

Laura Peterson cake inspired by artwork of Stefanie Sacks

By Jocelyn Eastman

After seeing all of these delicious cakes (Inspired by the SugarArt4Autism Project) and hearing how many different collaborations took place for the cakes to be made, I thought to myself, ‘What could we learn from the cake artist experience? The cakes are beautiful, but how are people really learning to accept people like me, or people who have varying levels of support needs?”

‘How can these cakes really teach people about what people need to know about autism?’

The project is really rough. I’m certainly no videographer. As time goes on, the answers just become more and more rich, and some of them become rather surprising. Individuals who were not from large organizations were giving organic answers to questions and came from different places.

I hope you enjoy, it is meant to be fun, cute and thoughtful.

A special thanks to SugarArt4Autism, Jane’s Prints, Jeanette Purkis and Erin Kosidlo and all the wonderful cakes that inspired this project. Cake for this blog by Laura Peterson inspired by Stefanie Sacks art “Eye Contact is Overrated.”


More videos coming in future weeks.

Read more about SugarArt4Autism and how the Art of Autism became involved in this project here and here.

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