11 Autistic Instagram Influencers You May Want to Follow

Actually Autistic

Happy Autism Acceptance Month. World Autism Awareness Day is Saturday, April 2! This month The Art of Autism looks at #ActuallyAutistic Instagram influencers you may want to follow. Do you know someone we should follow? Place your suggestions in the comments below.

1. Greta Thunberg Environmental Activist 14.4 million followers

Greta Thunberg Instagram

2. Anthony Hopkins Actor, writer, artist, composer 3.4 million followers

Anthony Hopkins Instagram

3. Morgan Harper Nichols autistic artist and writer 1.9 million followers

Morgan Harper Nichols Instagram

4. Dr. Hannah Gadsby comedian, writer 423,000 followers

Hannah Gadsby Instagram

5. Kodi Lee musician, singer 375,0000 followers

Kodi Lee Instagram

6. Neurodivergent Lou 20-year old autistic 92,800 followers

Neurodivergent Lou

7. Autism Sketches 22-year old who creates memes about autism 88,400 followers

Autism Sketches

8. Chloé Hayden Autistic artist / advocate 70,000 followers

Chloe Hayde

9. Oliver Quincy / My Autistic Soul Autistic / Trans / Queer / Nonbinary 49,400 followers

Oliver Quincy

10. Helen Hoang writer 35,800 followers

Helen Hoang

11. Kace Valentine musician 26,600 followers

Kace Valentine

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