Syance Wilson – the importance of art and music

Syance, "Randomosity"

I call my house drawings “Randomosities” because I am making fun of random objects. I intend to make “Randomosity” a new art movement.

by Ikea Juanita “Syance” Wilson

When I would tell people about my dream of becoming an artist, cartoonist, and music producer, they would say, “Ain’t none of them is going to pay anything!” This means that nothing I would like to do as a career is going to help me make a living. However, I would like to prove them wrong. My name is Ikea Juanita “Syance” Wilson, and I am an artist who has Autism.

Art has always been important to me. My mother and teachers always said positive remarks about my artwork throughout grade school, but I did not realize I could actually draw until I was thirteen years old. I was sitting down on the floor of my bedroom, and all of a sudden the urge to draw came over me. I picked up a spiral notebook and began drawing a house. However, I did not just draw a regular house; I drew a house that consisted of faces and objects with windows and doors inserted in them. I turned that sketch into an actual drawing on Father’s Day 2007. My father and sister loved it. From then on, I began to make more advanced versions of that drawing—which became to be known as “Randomosity.” I call my house drawings “Randomosities” because I am making fun of random objects. I intend to make “Randomosity” a new art movement.

Syance, "Randomosity"
Syance, “Randomosity”

Music also has significance in my life because I listen to it every day, and I enjoy playing the keyboard/ piano. I usually play popular, gospel/ religious, and soundtrack music. Also, I occasionally compose my own music. I have been playing the keyboard/ piano and listening to music throughout my life. Music and art have to be combined for me. For example, when I am not watching television, I cannot seem to draw without listening to music. That can be difficult because I, like most people with Autism, like to be in my own world. Nevertheless, that only applies to me when I am drawing. Also, whenever I hear a song, I see certain colors and patterns that represent the pitch and rhythm of the song. For instance, if I am listening to an upbeat song that is in the key of C Major, I will think of the color light pink and add a spiral-type pattern to the pink background. Without music and art, my life would be extremely dull—especially when there is nothing to watch on television.

Syance, "Techno!"
Syance, “Techno!”

When I was younger, I would see various books around our house about how to handle Autism. I found out I was Autistic because my mother told me. However, thank God, when I was in the fourth grade, I was able to be mainstreamed from Special Day Class (SDC) into regular classes, which eventually included college prep and a few advanced placement classes. However, throughout my school life, I have been teased because of my personality traits which has to do with how the Autism aspect has affected them. Both the Autism and the teasing made me act socially awkward. That was extremely annoying, but I learned how to deal with that by discussing the teasing with my mother and teachers and drawing distorted versions of the negative memories on paper—which is what I call “Distortions.” Drawing “Distortions” is the best way for me to vent.

Syance "Distortions"
Syance “Distortions”

Being Autistic means getting a job and making friends is going to be more challenging than it is for others. However, my family assists me with doing so. Also, whenever I make presentations in my classes, my instructors are usually shocked to see a student who is on the Autism Spectrum presenting as well as the rest of my classmates.

Even though I am living with Autism, I have learned to accept my autism, and since then, my family has been supporting and guiding me in order to assist me to create a positive future.


Ikea Juanita “Syance” Wilson, is currently a junior at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB). She is majoring in Art with a minor in Music. After she graduates from CSUB, she plans on attending the Ai Art Institute pursuing her dream of cartoon design and music production.

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