April is Autism Awareness Month – we prefer Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance

White House to Light it Up Blue April 2, World Autism Awareness Day

Those in the Autism community are all aware that April is an overwhelming time – full of events to bring awareness to autism. Today Sean Spicer said at his press conference that the White House will be lighting it up blue for autism awareness this Sunday, April 2. 

The Art of Autism wants to remind everyone to support local nonprofits or organizations that directly benefit autistic people. We at the Art of Autism are a nonprofit and rely on contributions from our community to sustain our activities.

While we appreciate the idea of awareness, we at the Art of Autism envision a more accepting world for all. For us every month is Autism Acceptance Month. We prefer the colors of the rainbow which represent the diversity of our population.

If your organization has an online or international event you’d like to publicize please let us know. Email us at theartofautism@gmail.com.



4 replies on “April is Autism Awareness Month – we prefer Autism Acceptance Month”
  1. says: Cheri Rauser

    Thanks for bringing this issue into people’s minds. The activities in April and on April 2 are personally sensitive for my family, because it is our daughter’s birthday. She has many times on her special day, and the week surrounding it, had to endure the well-meaning ignorance and some mean-spiritedness that surfaces every spring around autism. So, on this day of all days on the calendar for us, I request: if you don’t have something nice to say, then just don’t say anything. Remember, its always someone’s birthday. And we celebrate birthdays.

  2. says: admin

    Happy Birthday to Isabel Cheri! Maybe you’d like to write a blog this month for the Art of Autism?

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