World Autism Day April 2 2017

Steve Selpal World Autism Day 2017

The United Nations has declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. We love this image by contributing artist Steve Selpal. While some including the White House are lighting it up blue, others are lighting it up gold or sharing rainbow-infused images.

We at the Art of Autism believe Autism Awareness is not enough. Many Actually Autistic people agree. Two years ago we posted about 90 blogs from Autistic people for Autism Awareness Month in a project titled Autism Unveiled: A Snapshot into what it is like to be autistic in 2015.

This year here are some informative blogs we like:

Emily Willingham – No Foolin’: Forget About Autism Awareness and Lighting Up Blue

The Silent Wave – Why Autism Awareness is Not Enough

Autism Awareness Month Thomas Sutcliffe explains why the original title, Autism Awareness Month, is no longer acceptable.

Reminder: If you are going to do something for autism this month, remember to give to organizations who give direct services to autistic people and their families.

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  1. I completely agree with you that awareness is not enough that is why we have to speak up and out about the next step. The World Autism Awareness Day observation discusses more than just awareness, but is a forum that is about educating about autism. A forum where the question is asked, “Are we doing enough?”

    I was invited to participate as a panel speaker at this event. I must say it was amazing. I think as we continue to move forward in gaining momentum and strengthening our voice that we are somehow losing focus on the main goals. I say that because I see more disgruntle comments about certain aspects of autism awareness and even towards certain scholars, research efforts and organizations. This the thing, we have already achieved one goal and that is to increase autism awareness. Now we have to take our efforts to the next level which is increasing autism education by being involved in every possible aspect of any and all things concerning autism. We have to make a stand and “WE” have to be heard. No one can $peak for us. We have to do it for ourselves. So rather than pointing out the negatives lets make it a point to participate and be heard. I was there and I was heard and I am thankful for having this forum and others like it to make my small contribution.

    Has anyone actually looked at the video of Friday’s live feed of the 2017 WAAD observation? Here’s the link if you haven’t. My name is Jackie Pilgrim and I spoke about awareness not being enough and how we need to increase autism education by way of listening to persons having autism, family members, caregivers and companions. Having limited knowledge of autism by way of knowing one or two people on the spectrum is not enough.

    Let us go about propelling our cause into the next phase in peace.

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