Call for Selfies for Faces: My Perception of Emotion as an Autistic Artist

Hillary Krzywkowski is looking for interesting emotional selfies and photographs for an art project.

She wants faces expressing emotions such as shock, surprise, anger, rage, irritation, sadness, contentment, jealousy, critical, excited, elated, proud, teasing, annoying, silly, enjoyment.

“Faces: My Perception Of Emotion As An Autistic Artist” is a portraiture-study of emotion in which Hillary explores the visual interpretation of other’s facial expressions digitally and through journaling her feelings on the process. The project is envisioned to be a large-scale work of art composed of over 50 individual portrait prints seamlessly positioned side-to-side. Hillary hopes that the project will help her with face-reading. She hopes to create a book of art.

Each person who she uses will receive a digital copy of their painted portrait. Deadline is May 15 for submission.

See Hillary’s blog here for submission requirements. Hillary uses an art app called Sketches in creation of the portraits.

One reply on “Call for Selfies for Faces: My Perception of Emotion as an Autistic Artist”
  1. says: Hilary Krzywkowski

    Firstly, Art of Autism—a HUGE thanks goes out to you for helping to promote my project!

    I hope anyone who sees this post and reads up on my project would consider contributing a selfie. I would be very happy to receive selfies from any age person— aged faces and infant faces are most welcome! I need diversity in order for this project to be at it’s best.

    I would also like to experiment just rendering the eyes, so, close-ups of emotive eyes are good too. I would suggest that if you want to send an eye-focused selfie, make your facial expression (anger, glee, excitement, crying, etc) and then zoom the focus in on your eyes, or ask someone to take the picture of your eyes for you. Expressive mouths are also interesting. I want to compare the different facial features in isolation to see how they act separately and together in conveying emotion.

    I prefer very clear or close to clear pictures. Dim or dark photos are hard to see and therefore extremely difficult if not impossible to paint. I accept most people’s pictures and can paint as many as five per day. For those I accept (based on quality of picture) I will gift a jpeg of the portrait via Email, to be printed in any way desired.

    Thank you in advance for your contributions! The outcome will be stunning!

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