The Mentorship Project – Create a Sock Puppet

This week’s art challenge is brought to you by Keri Bowers (learn more about Keri in her bio below!)

Puppet Art


Suggested materials:
Glue, scissors, yarn, beads, paint – anything goes!

1. Gather recycled items from around your home
2. Create a puppet(s) using an old sock(s)
3. Take a picture or video of your puppet(s).

Happy Creating!

From your friends at The Art Of Autism and Squag.

About Keri Bowers

Filmmaker / Advocate / Speaker / Author / Artist / Mom

For nearly 3 decades, Keri has used the arts as “free/low cost” power tools & core values in her work in film & skills building – and with her autistic son, Taylor (now 27), and his younger brother, Jace. With active goals, objectives & outcomes built in mind, Keri emphasizes the use of fine art, drama, movement/ dance, music, video modeling, and film to develop skills including language, cognition, social, life, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being to grow skills with autistic kids and adults. The process is generally more important than the outcome.

Keri’s films include Normal People Scare Me Too (2016); ARTS (2008); The Sandwich Kid (2007) and Normal People Scare Me (2006). Keri is the co-founder of The Art of Autism, and is a featured contributor to Autism Asperger’s Digest Magazine. Books include: Autism Movement Therapy; Waking Up the Brain, w/ Joanne Lara, and Mapping Transitions to Your Child’s Future. Keri has been an art director for The Friendship Circle of Agoura Hills for 7 years; helping dozens of kids each month create and explore.

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