Syance Wilson’s dream

Ikea Wilson Painting

My name is Syance Wilson. I want to share my dream with you.

When I watch YouTube and Facebook videos about people including the members of  One Direction or Justin Bieber visiting sick children at hospitals, or when the cast of Extreme Makeover Home Edition renovates the homes of the most deserving families across the nation, it inspires me and makes me want to do the same once (or before) I begin my career as a musician/ artist.

My dream is to keep the tradition going. I would love to join the design team of Extreme Makeover Home Edition and visit various children’s hospitals across the nation, especially those that are associated with Extra Life, the 12-24-hour gaming marathon that I participate in to help raise money for those who are cared for at those hospitals.  The reason why I would like achieve both of these goals is because I believe that God would like for me to perform tasks (besides washing dishes) that would positively impact the lives of other people.

I feel like He has blessed and motivated me enough to make me realize that there are many kids who are either almost completely unable to be happy, or they just slap a smile on their faces just to keep themselves, their parents, and/ or the people around them from crying and being miserable.   I would love to just visit those kids and let them know that they are not alone and that I, a person who is on the Autism Spectrum, cares about them.

Lastly, I would like to thank God for all He has done for me and would like to express my gratitude by allowing Him to use me to bless others.


Syance Wilson graduated from California State University Bakersfield in 2016. She is currently a student at Inclusion Films in Bakersfield. Ikea is a talented artist, musician and composer. She is in the cast of Normal People Scare Me Too and was part of AoA Live Panel Thursday, Feb. 2 (Film Coming Soon).

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