Stefanie: tall loves Hello Kitty and Autti

Autism Unveiled Week 2

“I’m not an ASD superstar.”


My name is Stefanie Sacks. I have autism and Learning disabilities.

I sometimes feel I’m left out. I struggle very hard. I never married or went to college. I have more friends now than when I was younger. I like to have those things my friends have but it’s hard for me.

I’ve had jobs but I was teased and they didn’t work out. I thought adults wouldn’t tease and bully. I thought that would end when I got out of school. Some of those who teased the most were the ones who were supposed to be helping us. They think we don’t know what is going on. We do. We are a population who is easily abused.

Those in neurodiversity groups don’t speak for me. I’m not Aspergers. I’m high-functioning but wasn’t for a long time and still need help. The kind of HFA I have isn’t the same as Asked burgers or neurodiversity people. I’m not an ASD superstar.

I want people to stop telling me what I should call myself. Autism is a challenge you learn to live with. I know other disabilities that are worse but it’s not cool or the in-thing to have. You may overcome something but there are always things that are hard. And those who don’t even understand, or never have had to deal with what me and my friend do, can’t speak for us. I’m happier now than when younger because I’m doing better but it’s still hard and I don’t understand when people self-diagnose or think it’s cool because it’s not.

If I have a child I would want my child to be typical. That’s cool. Life is easier when you don’t have a disability. I love my I-Pad. It’s been awesome. I can express my thoughts and have options that are hard to do verbally. It helps my anxiety. If only they had I-pads when I was in school!

On the positive side I’m an artist and do guest speaking to parent-teacher groups sometimes.

I express myself though my art and poems.


forcing Eye contact is the equivalent
to forcing someone to stare at a
radio while listening
to music
Autism Hippie

Lonely Girl on the Beach (Self-Portrait)
Lonely Girl on the Beach (Self-Portrait)

Stefanie Sacks, 48, Massachusetts.

Stefanie’s wish list is on Amazon and Toys ‘R Us. She loves “Hello Kitty.”

Stefanie is part of the Autism Unveiled forty-day project culminating on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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