Kevin: artistic, tall, loves music, goofy and #Autistic

Kevin with Sombrero and new T.J. sweatshirt

Autism Unveiled: Week 4

I like music, art, bowling, dancing and playing basketball. I like to joke around with people. I like to do impressions of people.

I love oranges
I love oranges!

How does my autism affect me?

Sometimes I’m spacey. It’s hard for me to concentrate on two things at the same time.
For example, if I’m peeling or eating an orange I don’t hear what people say. My
orange tastes so sweet and the acidic feel on my hand makes me not concentrate
on anything else.

So don’t ask me a question when I’m eating an orange. Wait until I finish and
wash my hands. otherwise I’ll just say “yes.”

Sometimes I have trouble listenting when people talk to me. I am hearing other things like the music in my head or thinking my own thoughts.

I like mariachi and Kurdish music. One of my favorite bands is Carlos Sarabia.

This is a painting I made of a mariachi band. I want to be a middle eastern and mariachi DJ.


I like dogs. This is a painting of a dog I like named Bella.


I like that I am an artist and that I have a nice dad and nice mom and nice step-dad which is Kurt. I like the city I live in which is El Cajon. I like my sisters and their boyfriends. This is a painting of my sisters.


I like that my mom took me to Mexico three times.

Kevin Hosseini, California

Kevin’s art can be seen at

Kevin is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – six weeks of posts from people on the autism spectrum commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

4 replies on “Kevin: artistic, tall, loves music, goofy and #Autistic”
  1. says: Nancy Lea Speer

    I like Kevin. I like knowing Kevin and his family. I like that I am a better person in the world because I know Kevin.

  2. says: Shawn Bostrom

    wonderful presentation! Cudos to both you and your Mom, Kevin. You both do amazing work in all you do. The photos of you are awesome too–you look so happy and I’m happy for you. Way2go!

  3. says: Jane

    Thank you for sharing your art Kevin! I love the bright colors. I especially like that they are about things that you like and the people in your life. Keep painting!

  4. says: Sonnet

    I love how you have written your blog. I can clearly see that you like to be goofy and silly. I like to be that way too. I also think it is amazing that you have so much love for your family. It is great to have a family like yours. Your artwork has great brush strokes. I love seeing a painting where you can see each brush stroke

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