Matt: moderate / severe #autistic, mostly non-verbal, and awesomely independent

Matt Johnson, Age 29, lives independently

Autism Unveiled , Week 1

This submission was made by Matt’s mom, Elizabeth. Elizabeth wanted people to know autistic people who are nonverbal and have significant challenges can attain independence. Matt has been living independently for over a year.

“The video below was created to show the world what someone on the severe end of the spectrum can still accomplish – we have always said “hope” is the main ingredient in raising an autistic child.” Elizabeth Becker

Matt is a budding photographer and sees the world through not only a camera lens but an autism lens. His photography captures shadows and light.

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Matt’s website is Over 4 million people from 102 different countries have visited Matt’s website.

Matt Johnson, Age 29, Virginia

Matt is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – Six weeks culminating on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2015.

5 replies on “Matt: moderate / severe #autistic, mostly non-verbal, and awesomely independent”
  1. says: Michael Whary

    Matt you Rock!!!

    I loved your video and am so proud to call you my brother is autism! “What one man can do anther can do!” I Love your outlook on life. Thanks for sharing your story!

    ~ Michael

  2. Stunning photos! I’d love to see more of Matt’s artwork, especially photos. I’m curious: how closely was Matt involved in making this film? Did he help Elizabeth choose the words and images? It’s a wonderful message. Does Matt write posts for the “World according to Matt” website, or just Elizabeth?

  3. says: Liz Becker

    Thank you Aiyana, for your interest. Matt is mostly non-verbal and therefore most of the words of mine – which he then approves or has me re-write. Matt’s photography is being collected and will be in book-form at a later date. For now he loves taking them for the sheer pleasure of it.

    All posts on the website are mine (his mom) and are from my perspective of him. Matt and I are very close and reading non-verbal language is a specialty between us. If I write something that does not agree with or wishes not to post then he, as an adult, can tell me to change or remove. Nothing is done without his permission.

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