Poetry: Change Your Perception

Dan Edmunds

By Dan L. Edmunds, PH.D.

What is wrong with that boy?

He does not really express joy

He flaps his arms and lets out a squeal

Good Lord! What is his deal?

He goes off alone and spins wheels

He never tells us how he feels

He actually rarely ever says a word

It is mostly gibberish that cannot really be heard

He screams when they cut his hair

And taking him to the store is very rare

He does not like a crowd

Nor can tolerate noises that are loud

What is wrong with this boy?

And did you ever think..

Maybe this boy flaps because of joy

His squeal is one of delight

We all would be frustrated by a light that is too bright

He may not use speech

But that does not mean he is beyond reach

He communicates in his own way

He may be apart but still likes to play

Maybe you can enter his space

And with kindness understand the struggles he may face

He may not always like being with a peer

But that is nothing to fear

We can simply guide him at his own pace

His development is not a race

Because his feelings he cannot always share

Does not mean that we should not care

His language we must begin to know

This will truly be the means in which he will grow.

What is wrong with this boy many ask without exception

Rather what is wrong with our perception?

Dan Edmunds

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is a self advocate. He completed undergraduate studies at the University of Florida with major in Comparative Religion and minor in Sociology. He received a Master of Arts in Theology from the University of Scranton and earned a Doctorate of Education in Community Counseling from Argosy University. He has served 22 years as a Behavioral Health Counselor.

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