By Traci Neal

Nature nourishes my body in waves
before reaching my ebony surface.
My countenance counts the
sunshine’s rays each time I awaken.
The world I compose in my
consciousness witnesses the wind
welcoming the trees as a treasure.
Musical songs and delight ring
throughout my cerebrum.
Shelter shields me from the
hatred attempting to helicopter
over my head, while I keep
hanging on the compass of
my condition.

Love liberates me and I frolic
in the midst of life occurrences.
Laughter leaps from my lungs
and other lives wonder why
I continue to smile, but this
positions me to showcase
how to paint a more pleasing
picture to painful parts
out of our control.

Consistency is my friend
and I exuberate it to others,
but time teaches me to
understand changes are
inevitable and unavoidable
even in my abilities.

Still, I stride and discover
my strength beyond the
struggles, while the world
watches my reaction
strangely. This is when I
release positivity because
people need a push to get
rid of pressure.

May my reflection
rejuvenate souls from the
damages found in rejections.
Remember my spectrum.
Take time to read me.
I am a black autistic woman.

Traci Neal is a professional Christian poet & certified youth speaker. She started writing poetry at 13 & performing it at 14.

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