I Wrote A One-Woman Play About Autism called The power of O

Olivia Nguyen

By Olivia Nguyen

I am 27 years old, and I am from Fairfax Virginia.

I am actor, playwright and educator, and I am currently a Instructional Assistant for a pre school autism.

I went to school at Catholic university and majored in Drama and I went to nova community college and earned my Early childhood certificate.

About the age of 6 years old I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I had to overcome many challenges along the way. I was bullied in school alot because of my autism but that never stopped me from going to school and succeeding.

My thoughts about being a female is the strength a woman has. Being diagnosed with autism and growing up with it has been a journey. I always say to myself God gave me this gift because he knew I could handle it.

I like to think of the positive side of things. Although things were not always easy but I always thought to myself that things happen for a reason and that God set up this path because he had faith and believed that I have the strength to overcome it.

I am currently in the process in my getting my one woman show Called The power of O. The power of O is a story about my life with Autism and the challenges I took to help me overcome many of my challenges along the way.

What inspired me to write my show is the story behind it and how it is important in our world today. It has been my dream to share my story with everyone around and help those who are going through what I went through.

For my show I am the actor , co director music director and costume designer yes I wear many hats. I have my friend Mike who is my co director. I do have a producer but I am not allowed to say his name yet. My friend Matt is set designer and my friend Zack is the stage manager. We are in the midst of getting my show launched in NYC and currentley looking at venues up there. Anyone can reach me amy instagram which is @WickedOllieLove and my email OliviaQNguyen95@gmail.com.

Olivia Nguyen

My name is Olivia Nguyen. I am from Fairfax, Virginia, and I am a DC based actress and playwright. When I was six years old I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I grew up doing theatre as a way to cope and deal with my autism. I was frequently bullied in school for my disability. I didn’t let that get in the way of achieving my dreams and standing on my own two feet. My dream is to help inspire others by showing them that they can do anything. Don’t let anything get in your way of achieving your goals and dreams.

I’m currently working on a one-woman show called The power of O which is about my life being diagnosed with autism and how I have overcome a lot of my challenges along the way. My goal is to help inspire audiences all around the world.

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  1. says: Michael I. Haber

    Olivia is seriously the most inspirational person out there!!! Nothing ever stops her from doing what makes her happy no matter what others think. Always and forever UNSTOPPABLE. So proud!!!!

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