Peaceday 2021 – A Turning Point for Humanity

The Art of Autism’s 2nd post for our 6th Annual Art and Poems for Peace. See first compilation here.

Header image: April Tobin “Bird in Flight”

Art and Poems for Peace is compiled by The Art of Autism and includes this message from the Youth Assembly, which will meet for an annual intergenerational dialogue taking place in connection with UN’s International Day of Peace on September 21.

The initiative is led by young change-makers from different cultures, who are stepping up to address the imminent and impending global issues that right now are threatening our livelihoods and our very existence. The purpose is to build a future that works for all of humanity within the boundaries of the living planet.

Click on the video below to meet Peaceday 2021 ambassador Emmanuel Jal, who from his start in life as a child soldier in the war-torn region of Southern Sudan has become a successful and acclaimed recording artist…

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In 2021, this global momentum brings together more than 1000 youth change leaders from all around the globe. The forum will include Pop-up Peacerooms on 6 different continents which will be linked together by a central Peaceroom in Denmark on Youth Island – a former sea fortress located a short sailing trip from the UN-City in Copenhagen. A special taskforce will map, track and connect actionable solutions proposed by the Peaceroom participants. The actionable solutions will be presented to world leaders on United Nations Day 24 October.

Martine Mussies Self-Portrait
Martine Mussies Self-Portrait

The Art of Autism acknowledges all young people of all nations, who strive for a more peaceful, equitable world.

Nikhil Saiprasad Art
Nikhil Saiprasad Art “Love You to the Moon and Back”

“Despite all the darkness that is engulfing us, find the light in life within you.
Love your life like a moonlit night that spreads its eternal beauty and serenity.”
Nikhil Saiprasad

The following two poems were written by Robbie Priolo in 1992 while attending Trent University. He has a file folder full of poems similar in nature to Freedom’s Shore.

Priolo’s poems include nature worship and have adult themes. Back then, Robbie explored his spirituality with much more fluidity. The 1992 poem Soldiers is indirectly/directly related to peace, as the poet discusses the harsh reality of the effects/consequence on those who participate in armed conflict.

The poems quite easily, might have been penned in today’s world, nearly three decades later – as times have changed war and violence rage on.

Gerhard Beck Untitled
Gerhard Beck “Untitled”


by Robbie Priolo

The portholes of our Earth are all they will ever see.
Though they do exist, they can never be.
Be part of this world again.
Lost all hope.
Lost all future.
All for their sons and daughters.

Just how many tears can our seas hold?
Just how many guns can our lands carry?

The portholes of our Earth are all they will ever see.

Though they fought for our freedom,
this Earth can never return the soldier.

A soldier’s valour becomes his legend.
A soldier’s corpse becomes our memory.

Gerhard Beck "Untitled"
Gerhard Beck “Untitled”

Freedom’s Shore

by Robbie Priolo

I met a widow by freedom’s shore last night.
Draped in aphrodisiacs and smelling of frangipani.
She dwelt in the house of man, and Goddess was her name.
With a waxing moon, she set aflame the midnight sky.

Beloved mistress,
it is to you we bequest.
Fair maiden, tall and shapely.
Fair maiden, with your bountiful breasts.
Protect and comfort us in your bosom of goodness and truth.
Nurture my friends.
Fill us with your nectar, for it is as sweet as the honeycomb.

Gloria Goddess.
Myth of the ages.
Men of old have tried to tame you.
Our priest’s and philosophers have tried to maim you.

Beloved Bartholomeus, it is to you we bequest.
The wings of the wind do we ride with you.
Weak are we, in the presence of earthly love.
Strong are we, in the company of angels.
Fertility is the gift you have bestowed unto our mortal souls.

Gloria Goddess.
A queen’s daughter.
Heir to Aphrodite’s throne.
We wait with increasing desire…

Night is still.
Full moon displaying its radiance amongst our feast.
Come join us,
for great wisdom is only withheld from those who have sold their birthrights.
Freedom’s hand awaits us.

A wolf stoned by the awesome radiance of the midnight sun
awaits your company.
And when we awaken…
When we awaken, we will worship the Sun King.
For it is He, who enlightens the deepest shadowy corners of the
Alas, the Fire King.

A land of pot-bellied children who arise with the bellow of the hen.
Island and companion, a well observed plantation.
The lush Earth abounds with fertility and pride.
Golden skinned mothers, each with tenfold kin.
Love is the language of the perimeters.
The Fire King is their keeper,
whilst the Lunar Goddess nurtures their primal existence.

The futile cliff of all certainties.
Passion gives forth our Earthly recital.
It is loves passage which leaves us sore but smiling.

Ascent to mindless entities.
A pantheon of God’s sperm, countless and infinite.
The air we breathe.

Eons of forbidden truths…

Sam Mathews Photography
Photograph by Sam Mathews

“Looking at old photos and album gives peace of mind,” Sam Mathews

Sam Mathews Photography
Photograph by Sam Mathews

“I love my grandfather – who is a very peaceful man,” Sam Mathews

Sam Mathews Photography
Photograph by Sam Mathews

“Shadows are peaceful,” Sam Mathews


By Maria Iliou for her daughter, Athena

Mother’s Day
Athena embraces
Mama In her love
A beautiful moment
Photographs remain
Where clues have led


Waves of
Powerful energy
Gifts of the water
Unwrapping secretly
Secrets of odyssey
Uplifting cover, box
Deep inside, tools of
Module steps

Beyond our wisdom

Establish a
Mother, daughter
Autism dialog
Deep connection
Connecting our
Higher Inner souls
Entwines our
Heart of heart
Feeling emotions
Eternal love
Loving my child

View…viewing her
Growth In life
Extraordinary progress

Nikhil Saiprasad Art
Nikhil Saiprasad “Ray of Light at the End of the Tunnel”

During this time of uncertainty caused by the pandemic all over the world the only way to reimagine the world is through hope and positivity.

To believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that light is appreciated only by passing through the darkness.

Pop-Up Peace Rooms – Join in Action for Peace 2021

Do you want to take part in a regional meet-up? And are you between 15-34 years old – and passionate about shaping a future that works for 100% of Humanity?

To join a Youthroom 2021 and share your vision for peace with others all around the world, visit:

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