The Art of Autism’s 6th Annual Art and Poems for Peace – Part III

Kathy Crabbe Art
Art by kathy Crabbe

“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

Header Art: Kathy Crabbe Art

Poem By Navneet Kulkami

Ansh Batra Ansh's Dreamworld
Art by Ansh Batra Ansh’s Dreamworld

As a mother I can surely tell you one thing, these are Ansh’s emotions and unsaid words which most of us are blessed with. Art is his way of expression, a source through which he vents out his emotions, desire, excitement, everything.

14 year old Ansh, found his inner voice in strokes of brush. Within the space of a frame, Ansh tries to build a world that is undeniably unique and different from the world we live in. His canvas is his playground, he plays with colours and every stroke expresses his emotions.

Art by Ansh Batra Ansh's Dreamworld
Art by Ansh Batra Ansh’s Dreamworld

Though he cannot speak, Ansh’s works hold blissful conversations on his behalf.

“Ansh’s vocabulary and language skills are very limited impaired due to autism. As they say if God closes one door it shows light through other Ansh has found his calling in the world of Art. He has had 43 exhibitions in three years of his Art journey and have sold artwork all over world.” Anshul, Ansh’s mother

Art by April Tobin
Art by April Tobin

Names and Numbers

by Sherin Mary Zacharia

Nowhere was a sign!
Was there?
They walked away carefree
Impending danger unattended
Escapes, returns with vengeance.
Glaciers melt
Floods rise silent
Names of cyclones
Names of vessels gone down
Names on tombstones
Clear; in the rains.
Walls painted new
Of community kitchens
Smoke, rises, names of homeless
Mud, rocks, soil
Covered them
Names unknown
Numbers mattered.
Graphs in many colours
World in lines and bars
Screaming the sea arrives
Waves usher salt, more tears
Shores redrawn
Islands counted
Waters tested; calculations made
Loses recorded; percentages varied
World knew itself in
Names and numbers.

Devansh Maurya

“Peace” Art by Devansh Maurya

Colours, music and movement are essential to Aniruddha’s life, and they are reflected in everything he does.

Aniruddha Jairam "Life is Beautiful"
Aniruddha Jairam “Life is Beautiful”
Aniruddha Jairam "Oasis"
Aniruddha Jairam “Oasis”
Nishant Sriram "Hibiscus"
Nishant Sriram “Hibiscus” Digital art

Nishant’s Hibiscus depicts his love of nature – flora and fauna around him through his ART

Video “Saving Mother Nature” by Lavanya Iyer

Lavanya Iyer Storyteller, sings, draws, and paints. All her creative works are self-motivated and mostly around Hindu mythology. She does it based on the stories I narrate to her on daily basis.

I asked her to say a poem and she said these. So, it’s not preplanned as I never plan any video with her. She does good only without any planning or any kind of practice. As she is still small, I don’t try to change her words or style and I don’t intend to do it in future as well unless its anything wrong. I hope you can accept her work for submission.

In Peace, Manju, Lavanya’s mother.

Art by Wan Jamila Poem by Jemima
Art by Wan Jamila (autistic savant artist) Poem by his sister Jemima

Video: Art by Wan Jamila aka artjamila, Poem by Jemima Shaiful, her sister

Intuitive Minds

by Maria Iliou

Intuitive minds
Within our own
Inner soul

Souls connecting
With depth of

Touches pure heart
Entry way of core

Balancing body, spirit
Trauma, health and
Sensory through

Mesmerize of

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