Maria: Greek, Athenas mom, radio host, wise, poet, actress, photographer and #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Week 4


I am a Greek Autistic artist. My greatest sense of self, of connecting with the world around me, comes from participating in the “Arts” – drawings, paintings, poetry, dance, acting, yoga, photography, and editing. I’m an artist with talent on many hidden, unique levels. I write poetry, and make hand-made macrame plant hangers, macrame hanging tables and floral arts; flower arrangements, and corsages.

I’m the Director Manager, Founder of the autism group, ATHENA AUTISTIC ARTIST. This group is made up of autistic people who become friends and family. We enjoyed social activities such as traveling together, trips, Christmas holiday and birthday parties, homemade foods with performances arts of poetry, acting, plays, going out to eat, miniature golf, and movies at home.

I’m Director Manager, Founder and have organized…designed, created my own home college: ATHENA AUTISTIC ARTIST COLLEGE. This college is designed for my daughter to give her college experiences and teach and work with her through performing arts as Athena is gifted artist. I’m the autism ambassador for Long Island, New York City.

Our future plans are to give others the same experiences as Athena and will be designed to their needs and abilities.

Tranquilities within her paintings of Expressions

Are unique varieties of emotions that

Spiritually touches Maria’s heart of soul

Extraordinarily Gifted feelings of accomplishment

Two expressive avenues are though her drawings and paintings

These illustrate a heart rendering appreciation of

Remembrances visualized and presented in the Art gallery

My paintings were selected as the artist for the greeting cards for the Autism Society of America in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Maria Iliou painting of her daughter Athena
Maria Iliou painting of her daughter Athena


From the depth of history, the name
Athena echoes with meaning…
Wisdom of arts
Fountain of knowledge
Pure innocence and beauty
In my life, the gifted daughter
Athena resonates with life
Able to translate inner beauty
Onto canvas, a capable
Abstract artist
Pictures transfer images
Seen only in her mind
Transformed from brilliant
Smile, or heartbreakingly
Teary eyes
A gift in my life, another
Perspective, different yet
Powerful, touching the deepest parts
Of my heart and soul
Empathic, my entire body feels
Her emotions, penetrating inner layers
As the core of my being
Echoes with meaning
Constantly in my thoughts, simplistic
Yet sensitive conversations arise
From the connection that binds

Maria Iliou "Autumn"
Maria Iliou “Autumn”

Maria Iliou, New York

Maria’s daughter Athena is featured as part of Autism Unveiled.

Maria’s facebook page

Maria is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of posts by people on the autism spectrum commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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