Athena: Greek, abstract artist, photographer, actress, author, poet, and non-verbal #Autistic with limited language

Autism Unveiled Week 4

Athena Iliou "Angel"
Athena Iliou “Angel”

Maria Iliou, Athena’s mom, submitted these two mother-daughter poems on Athena’s behalf.


Sunshine casting shadows away
Reflecting the light within
Brightening our essence
Balancing emotions of mood
Bright and shine
Every day I need you
Wisdom of love
Sees my heart
Embraces me
Angels whispering words
Of song`
Echoing in my ear
Inner voice sings
Of happiness
Laughter emerges
Love I receive
From the Lord
Cleanses my wounds
Beautiful healing within
My soul
Pain washes away, calming
Overloaded sensory issues
Comforting myself with rocking
Swaying and rubbing
My brain disconnected
Protecting me from feelings
Good or bad, no words
To express the confusion
Or the clarity as it forms

Maria Iliou
Athena Maria Iliou


Athena observing mixture of colors,
Creativity of art
Through her mind…powerful
Expressing herself with words in description
Athena learning to emerging one word of
Spoken language connecting pictures images
Of her mind
Burst of laughter, smile
Green clouds, brown twigs, tree bark
Sharing her stories with mom
Traveling deep sea, ocean
Water…floating words
Fishing for fish, entwines
Wisdom of nutriment
Purple in sky..peaceful
Swimming, tranquility
Blue appears through her mind
Gray clouds, blue skye
Mood of sadness
Crying loudly,
Excitement of a laughter
Emotions tangling in twist of confusing
Overwhelming power,
Silences…quiets the mind or
Listening stories, emerging
Educate her brain
Observing words of her mind…floating
Gifted artist of performances
Scheduling another play

Maria Iliou
Athena Maria Iliou, New York

Athena is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of posts from autistic people commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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  1. says: Chad Iwertz

    Beautiful poems, Maria and Athena. Thank you for sharing these, as well as some of Athena’s art. I’m wondering if I could ask a question about your collaboration? What is your process of writing together like? What does it looks like, and what do you each bring to the partnership? Thank you again for sharing your story and art!

  2. says: Sonnet

    Your words are so beautiful. They make me feel like you are making connections with the soul. You work very well together. Please keep making these wonderful works for others to experience.

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