Dylan: talented, funny, artistic teenager with #Autism

Autism Unveiled Week 3


“I am good at drawing cartoons, great at painting marine life and blending all the colors, and I am funny.”

Dylan’s mom writes “Dylan is a talented and energetic young man who was diagnosed with Autism at age three. After struggling in public school he found a supportive environment in a private school for children with learning differences and has blossomed. Dylan is on the honor roll in math and reading and loves geography and history. Art, in particularly painting, is Dylan’s creative outlet. Painting and drawing allows Dylan to effectively convey feelings, thoughts and emotions that are often difficult for him to verbalize. Art serves as unobstructed communication for Dylan and provides him with identity and a source of accomplishment and pride.”

To see Dylan’s art please go to www.artbydyl.com.

Dylan Zinn, New Mexico

Dylan is part of the Autism Unveiled Project ending on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day – over 80 blogs by autistic people.

2 replies on “Dylan: talented, funny, artistic teenager with #Autism”
  1. says: Cameron

    Hi Dylan. What wonderful paintings! You have an incredible knack for getting the likeness of something down in paint. And after looking at your website, you seem to have gotten great praise and acclaim for your paintings as well which is great to see. It is great to see that you have taken on self promotion with your art through your website and community interaction through booths, etc… I love to read that you use painting as a creative outlet. It seems that, based on your focus, interest, and the success surrounding your paintings, that the practice has very important to you. Don’t let that go!

  2. says: Lindsay

    What a wonderful blog! It looks like you have lots of fun exploring your interests and using them as inspiration for your art-making. I especially loved your Kandinsky inspired animals. Did they end up on display at the zoo like you hoped?

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