Debbie: Funny and #Autistic

Autism Unveiled Week 4


My best personality feature is my sense of humor. I love making people laugh. It eases the tension of having led a stressful life.

Debbie Denenburg "Blue Face"
Debbie Denenburg “Blue Face”

Once when I was working at Petsmart corporate headquarters the company was planning a Christmas party. Management asked our department to perform a song in a pageant. We practiced but my heart wasn’t in it. At the show I was so bored singing Walking in a Winter Wonderland that I started dancing like a rock star all by myself on the stage in front of hundreds of people. My colleagues who were singing all looked over at me to see what the audience was laughing about. They cracked up. It was great!

When I was in trade school I had a classmate named Jay. He was very tall, probably 6’7″ and super thin. During a break one day Jay was telling some of us students about his Navy adventures on a submarine. I blurted out, “Yeah, they didn’t need a periscope. They just shouted, “Up Jay!”

I told my husband recently that I don’t like lemons, however, I like pink lemonade. With a straight face I said, “I have never seen pink lemons.”

I hope I have left you smiling.

Debbie Denenburg, Arizona

Debbie’s art shop is on Etsy.

Debbie is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – Six weeks of blogs from Autistic people commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

2 replies on “Debbie: Funny and #Autistic”
  1. says: Elle Pierman

    Hi Debbie. Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of humor! Laughing is one of my favorite things, and I love being around people who make me smile and enjoy myself. I agree that humor can ease the tension of a stressful life. It is so important to have a way to cope with the stresses and challenges of the world, and I thank you for making me smile as I read your post. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor!

  2. says: Barbara Miller

    Hi Debbie,
    So happy that I found your website… When I think of you as young girl, and see you now, I get a warm feeling of joy, that you are well and have found contentment… You were a charming child, talented even then, and although I’m 81, and doing great, I do miss you. I’m going to look at your art shop. would love to touch base , but respect your feelings… Have moved to a lovely apartment in a senior resort, suburbs of philly.
    Barbara Miller

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