Dillon: loving, silent #Autistic teenager

Autism Unveiled Week 3


This submission was made on behalf of Dillon Burke by his guardian Elaine. Dillon is a young non-verbal man on the autism spectrum.

Silent Speaker

by Autism Santa

Many things that I would do.
Just to hear his voice.
For him to say I love you.
That would be my choice.

I know he’s full of thoughts.
Of which he cannot say.
His tongue is tied in knots.
I see it everyday.

Like a key out of place.
Not acting in defiance.
The frustration on his face.
Is written in his silence.

Its not that he can’t hear me.
He listens to me confide.
My words they flow so easy.
His are stuck inside.

For now we try and cope.
That one day he will speak.
I will never give up hope.
Today tomorrow or next week.

Elaine writes: “Dillon is a very sweet loving boy. While he struggles to communicate his needs and wants, he is usually very peaceful and agreeable to try new activities. Autism is part of him in many ways, and while I would love to have him be able to talk and communicate better, him and his Autism are what makes him so special and a joy to have in mine and my families life.”

Dillon Burke, Nevada

Dillon is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of Autism commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.

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