Mikey: pianist, artist, altruist and #Autistic

Mikey Allcock

Autism Unveiled Week 1

“My autism makes things shine,” Mike Allcock

Mikey Allcock self-portrait
Mikey Allcock self-portrait

Autism is not a part of me. It is me. My soul is autistic.

My autism makes things shine. Sometimes I think it is amazing but sometimes it is sad when I want to be the same and talk the same and I fail.

Playing the piano makes me very happy. Playing Beethoven is like your feelings – all of them – exploding.

Corfe Castle
Painting I made

I think towers and castles and railway stations are interesting and exciting and so I paint them.

29/12/14 Mikey Allcock

Mikey Allcock, 16, United Kingdom

See more paintings on Mikey’s website. Notable about Mikey is he was non-verbal until age 10 and didn’t start painting until a year ago.

Mikey is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of Autism commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.


  • These paintings are great Mikey! I notice that a majority of the paintings on your website are of buildings. Are you interested in all architecture, or is it just specific buildings? With that being asked, I also like your approach to the self-portrait.
    And what a great way to consider Beethoven: “like your feelings – all of them – exploding.” That’s great! Keep it up man.

  • How someone learns is incredibly unique and Mikey’s discovery and progress through experiential learning is amazing! I greatly enjoyed looking at the paintings and was inspired by their beautiful details and unique perspectives.

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