Andrea: Previously a Seeker; now a happily Asper Architectural Photographer

Autism Unveiled Week 3

Copyright 2009 Andrea K. Kiss

I was born and raised in Hungary, a tiny Eastern European country, where being different meant no good at all in the past.

Once I turned 18, I started my travels seeking for acceptance while expanding my boundaries by going beyond familiar horizons. I have studied, and tried various different professions in several different countries due to a strong inner need for blending in. This strategy worked very well for a while. Then came the inevitable meltdown by my realizing the inability to fit in.

All through my life, I’ve had questions, doubts – leaving me with the feeling of constant vulnerability. Why do certain things go so smoothly singling me out from the crowd? But “ordinary” things weren’t ever my forte.

I could never understand that. Until now.

To my great relief in my late 30’s, I’ve been recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Needless to say, it explained all my questions.

All of a sudden, it all makes sense now. Feels like when the sun comes out after the storm. It’s all very new to me, and I’m still in the process of finding my voice. I’m trying to find the way how to express myself.

As an artistic type, I was always drawn to music and visual arts; photography in particular, and wanted to share the beauty of our World from my point of view. So, I have set up a website with images I have taken through the years since 1995:

Submisson cover

I’m not afraid to follow my true passion anymore, because that’s where my strength lies. This is the only way I can be complete. After 20 years of extensive traveling, I returned to Hungary last year, and started my own photographic projects.

The first project is called: “ArchiteXture: Contemporary vs. Classic”, and can be seen on the website above.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on creating images of the 2 high-tech concert halls located in Budapest, Hungary. They are:

– the contemporary Palace of Arts (I’ve photographed it with a little twist inspired by famous painters)

Andrea Kiss "DALI" main concert hall at the contemporary Palace of Arts
Andrea Kiss “DALI” main concert hall at the contemporary Palace of Arts

– the beautiful and classic Franz Liszt Academy of Music, which was photographed with great respect, as this magnificent place is history itself having been constructed and built in the very beginning of the last century.

Andrea Kiss "RHYTHM" side balcony of the main concert hall at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music
Andrea Kiss “RHYTHM” side balcony of the main concert hall at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music

Although, they are the 2 extremes of their kind, I absolutely fell in love with both of them, and will continue to capture their vast audio and visual beauty.

I hope, my visual interpretation of those magnificent architectural and cultural wonders will be for your liking.

Andrea K. Kiss, Hungary

Andrea is part of the Autism Unveiled Project – 6 weeks of Autism commencing on April 2, 2015, World Autism Awareness Day.


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