Casting Call: Love on the Spectrum Season 2

Love on the Spectrum Season 2

This is a Casting Call for autistic actors The Art of Autism received this week.

“I’m working on the second season of Love On The Spectrum US, an Emmy-Award winning documentary series on Netflix about dating and relationships featuring people on the autism spectrum.

Our aim with the series is to send a positive message, that people on the spectrum can and do find love, while helping educate the audience about ASD by breaking down some of the myths, misconceptions and stereotypical views, and celebrating difference. It’s important to us to tell the diverse stories of real people, in their own voices.

We’re currently in pre-production for the 2nd US Season and are looking to hear from ANYONE 18+ on the autism spectrum, who might be interested in being a part the series!

I have attached a flyer that has details about us and how to get in touch. – by emailing a brief description of yourself & a photo to:

(Since we are speaking to numerous potential participants, please know that any contact we have with people in this ‘casting’ phase is very informal, and in no way a commitment for them to be on the series)”


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  1. says: Heath

    I could certainly demonstrate some quality self love*

    *although that may have some oddly euphemistic connotations. Why do NTs turn everything into a sex joke?

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