Casting Call for new series about dating and love on the autism spectrum


  • How about Minneapolis-St. Paul? I have a 26 year old son, very high functioning…
    Lives independently, Has a job as a graphic designer, has permanent artwork in the US bank stadium, Milwaukee Bucks arena, and Detroit Red Wings arena.
    He is handsome, loves all sports, loves to draw etc. However he has never had a girlfriend or friend outside the family or family friends….and would so love to.
    Check out his website….michaelshaydesign

    I know this is a long shot….otherwise I would have had Mike write a note about himself. Too many disappointments and rejections in his life! He’s amazing though, just keeps going and sees the good in everyone and everything,

  • My 27 yr old son is very high functioning. He has started a podcast advocating and educating about autism. It’s called Sounds Like Autism. He lives on Long Island and is single looking to date. Very verbal. He has done a tedx talk on neurodiversity this past September. His name is Josh

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