Casting Call: ATypical looking for Autistic Actors


Update 10/6/2018 – the roles were cast from this call and went to  autistic actors and actresses. See our interview with Elaine Hall who coached those actors and actresses.


Casting Call

There are couple roles in this season of the Netflix show Atypical that are written for or could be cast with actors on the Autism spectrum.

Below is the character description and the sides for the two roles we are currently seeking, but there will likely be more to come!

Please let me know if they would come in for us here in Beverly Hill or if they should self tape at home.

LILY – Female, 18-22 to play High School. On the spectrum and a part of Sam’s peer group. Please submit actors on the Autism spectrum. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

JASPER – Male, 18-22 to play High School. On the spectrum and a part of Sam’s peer group. Please submit actors on the Autism spectrum. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

“Must be Los Angeles local. Please note, the submission period for this is through Wednesday, March 14th, 2018.”

Rose Bochner
Telsey & Company
280 south beverly drive, suite 412
Beverly Hills, CA

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  1. says: Dena

    Maybe you could include a part for an older autistic mentor?! I’m available! 59 and good in front of a camera…

    1. says: Kyle Ermis

      I’m 21 on autism spectrum. I graduated high school with a diploma. I was in general ed since first grade. I was in band since 2nd grade. I was in a jazz band and played the trumpet. Our band was invited to play at Lincoln Center in New York City. I can come to Hollywood, we live in Palm Springs. My email. … thank you, Kyle Ermis

    1. says: admin

      Danielle – you need to contact the person above in the blog. Her email and phone number is listed.

  2. says: Elizabeth Sunduzwayo

    My son is 18 years old and on the spectrum, is none verbal, but gentle and has just completed acting with a project in our area of Newcastle UK.

  3. says: Dylan

    I also am interested and on the spectrum email me the sides, the audition date and the address.

  4. says: Autumn Barrett

    My name is Autumn I have ASD and have done acting sense I was young and I am interested in acting in this.

    1. says: Allison

      I agree. It would be great to see the perspective, joys, and struggles being the younger sibling of an Aspie. My 16 yr old is Gifted and has Aspergers; his sister 10 yrs old is “neurotypical”

  5. says: sebree Baltimore

    My son is 23 this month. He is autistic and is obsessed with numbers, remembers dates, weather, the moon and is great at surfing the world wide web. He talks non stop and will question you to death. Is able to follow directions.

  6. says: Robert Michaels

    I am 24 years old and have experienced acting for many years and have been in theater for so long. Even though I’m two years older than the age limit, would it be okay if I could still participate?

  7. says: Andrew

    My son is 17 but looks 15. He is on the spectrum. He would love the chance to be on the show.

  8. says: Dylan Bailey

    Please watch for a video sent direct to your posted email address from Dylan Bailey via email address listed below.

    Video is sent via Dropbox for you to view/download on your end. I am interested in the role of Jasper!

    I viewed the entire first season of Atypical as soon as the pre-screening party was over when I also wrote a review for my global Asperger’s community.

  9. says: Phoenix

    My son is only 13 but, will be graduating in May. He has autism, odd, spd, adhd, anxiety, and profoundly gifted with a photographic memory. It would be good to see a real asd person and amazing to see one like my son, as he is not Rain Man and not a sevant.

  10. says: Ben's mom

    If there is ever a time when they are interested in including people who are more significantly impacted (non-speaking, individuals with personal support staff, etc.) please let us know. it would be pretty cool to see more of the spectrum represented.

  11. says: Gregory

    My Son Vincent is a 24 y/o Black Male that is on the Spectrum. He Graduated in 2011 Earning the Presidents Award with a 3.49 GPA. He is shy but talkative when he gets to know you. He currently goes to City College. My wife and I served as his Advocate throughout his formative years. I currently serve as a Black Student Advocate for all children. I specialize in children with autism. I am a retired City Worker with HR Experience. I was also the President of the City General Unit for a Large Union Unit. My accomplishments include: IEP’s, Expulsion Hearings, Showing up at School Board meetings and Representing any and All Children. I also handle Grievances, Unfair Labor Charges And Arbitration’s. Vincent and I look forward to hearing from you… Thank You

  12. says: Jamey's Mom Karla

    My son is on the spectrum and would be interested in the opportunity. He has a passion for computers and history.

  13. I am very interested in a roll in Atypical.
    The show is great. My whole family watched it.
    Willing to travel.
    I sent you an email.
    Hoping to hear from you.

  14. says: Max

    My son is 15, high school student, general Ed sins first grade, high functioning, very good memory (photographic) smart, loves history, math, computer, video games, travel, play piano, does parcour and tricking. Very verbal.

  15. says: April Davies

    My son who is 19 would love the chance to audition for this show! He has done a little bit of tv work as an extra before, so he’s comfortable on set. We are in the San Fernando valley area and would be able to come into the Beverly Hills office at any time. Thanks!

  16. says: Mark


    I am 21 years old and not he spectrum. I am a high school graduate and currently attending community college. I am very interested in this opportunity and would love to hear about next steps.Please let me know what I need to do next. I have asked my mom if she will take me where I need to go and she has agreed.


  17. says: Karli Garcia

    My son Aysa is 13 years old however he is 5’8” and looks older he’s already taller than my 17 year old. He has Asperger’s syndrome he is very monotone and literal but is very smart and high functioning. He’s in all honors classes and he is also in mainstream. He’s like a genius but can’t tie his shoes. He can memorize very quickly. He is obsessed with dogs but loves all animals and loves video games of course. He plays the drums but wears sound blocking headphones. His drums all have silencer pads on them he’s sort of a closet drummer. He is interested in auditioning for the part. He would not mind coming in to Beverly Hills.

  18. says: Rebecca Wilson

    Hello my son is a senior in H.S. (18) is in the spectrum and is interested in attending Arts college and his hobbies include Dj’ing, rollerskating, bike riding, skateboarding. This would be such a great way for him to see that there is many opportunities for him regardless of his diagnosis. Thank you Rebecca (mom)

  19. says: Christian

    Hi my name is Christian Mock and I’m 20yrs old and I have Autism. I graduated from high school 2017. I would love to play Jasper.

  20. says: Lila cromer

    I’m 29 but people always mistake me for 16-23 I have asperger syndrome and have wanted to act since childhood. I have an excellent memory and can memorize movies really well so everyone I know always tells me I should get into acting. I hope I get a shot! 🙂

  21. says: Maria

    Hello, l am a Senior and just turned 18. We live an hour outside of L.A.
    I would love the opportunity to play Lily. My mom always told me that my Asperger’s is what makes me. And l love That! Please consider me.
    Thank you

  22. says: Violeta

    “Living in Seattle, I often see the pretty co-ed who was likely a prom queen dating a beta male programmer type. She’s usually 2-3 inches taller than him. He’s the atypical nerd with a pilly sweater that doesn’t hide his tiny rubber tire well (a gut, when you are in your 20’s?!?). All I can determine is that she is betting he’s the next Zuckerberg. Or, he”s the manliest choice she can find there? LIKE –> 2+

  23. says: Andrew Thompson

    Why are they just looking for people who are local to Los Angeles? Do they not know that there are aspiring actors and actresses in places other than Los Angeles?

  24. says: Josh

    For this one, specifically what disorder should be portrayed? Asperger’s, for instance? Any specific lines I should say? Or should I come up with my own lines?

    I’m from the Philippines, BTW, and my psychologist showed me this.

  25. says: Donovan Montgomery

    Sorry just heard of this but will give it a shot.. My name is Donovan Montgomery a 21 year old black male on the spectrum. I’m a DJ that enjoys spinning all type of music but main interest is EDM-Electronic Dance Music. I work part time at a chain Restaurant in the Air Port. I graduated from High School and love to travel. I do understand if I’m not call but felt I should at least try. Thank you

  26. says: Anel

    I am looking for an acting role for my 6 year old boy with autism. He is great at acting! Got that from his mum:) let me know if interested!

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